End Knowledge Capital Punishment


“most wars are not because religion; most wars are because Human Will, using the primacy of weapon; religion”

capital punishment; of knowledge

Has Science become an orthodox belief system? We do not know what consciousness is, yet modern Science decrees that all matter is ‘unconscious’?  Further, given all matter is unconscious, it is all just random organising material that fits discrete mathematical models and the 95%+ of matter that doesn’t, is just…Dark…

Primary thought paradigms are to believe or not believe in God. The argument that I present here is, in its simplest form, humans in pursuit of power use the most powerful tools over humans to gain the power. Thatis, humans, fatheming the infinitely unresolvable, unconscionable, uncoelsciable, nature of the notion of God, use this said notion as a tool; foremostly, for the pursuit of power over other humans.

Further, when it is discovered that hegemonic despots have used the grand unresolvable idea of God as a utility for their own power, not only have these despots been blamed, but the notion of God is also – erroneously – blamed. I question, should a tradesman ever blame his tools? Pointedly, should we, the people, ever blame the tradesman’s tools?

a tradesmen blaming his tools

It is clear that by 1789 the French monarch has used the tool of Anglicanism to exploit the masses to the point of revolt. The French revolution would ensue and the peoples targets set on what they collectively knew was the regimes primary power source, God. The revolution was thus bolstered and driven around anti-God dictums. The revolutionists drove the contrarian anti-God cry so hard into the heart of Anglicanism, the Notre Dame Cathedral was renamed to the Cathedral of Reason and the country religion was changed to the Cult of Reason. They toppled the primary weapon God and consequently toppled the Monarch.

a king using religion to subject the people to his will

Such as a Monarch, when an individual is to exercise his/her will on the people (think of a suicide bomber), most will underwrite this with the tool of God (commonly ‘in the name of God’). Most will then argue that God was the cause of such action or at minimum, the individual would not have executed the action without the existence of the notion of God. Once again, what a tradesman does with a nail gun is within the confines of his free-will; what an American president does with a nuclear bomb, is within the confines of his free will. Attributing blame to God, the predominant tool of choice for pursuing people’s destinies, seems futile particularly when we haven’t the faintest of idea of what this notion is. What we can say perhaps is that this tool is the notion of choice and history shows that what an almighty one it is…

Now put yourself in the shoes of the Monarch, if your destiny was power, what tool would you choose to subjugate people to your will? Put yourself into the shoes of the individual, what grander of idea could one attribute sacrificing one’s own life for? As history has shown, both cases unequivocally point to the tool of God though the key question of this essay, is the notion of God to blame or is our personified God per se to blame? Is it not more sensible to conclude that unless we can understand what human will, the conscious and God is, the question to date is unanswerable and demands more cogitation before conviction, more deliberation before expeditious eradication? Evidentially, what we can say is that the notion is a great one and is fashioned in misunderstanding though profoundly pregnant with potential. When humans do not understand something and evidence points to the fact that humans have primarily chosen to underwrite their Will in the name of said something; should this be grounds to throw said something out? I argue it is wiser to treat such notions with consideration then with futility and taboo.

“Guns do not kill people, people kill people, with guns”

A gun killing people, with people…

Cogniscient subjugation tools in epochs do not just come in the form of the mentioned predominant one, God. In the 21st-century, it is difficult to doubt that the prevailing wisdom of this epoch is Science. Now as outlined above and as history shows us that the abuse of the contemporary belief system via a power structure is inevitable. Now if history is insightful to the human story, if archetypes of epochs repeat themselves, then can we prophesies a mutiny against the current Science system? Against despots that will inevitably use orthodox Science to further their hegemony? Ha you ask? But this would imply that Science, the prevailing wisdom of this epoch, is a belief system, hijacked by humans and animated via the credulance of the masses? This would imply that knowledge of this, and the axiomatic tenants of science are kept under ‘lock and key’, to further said the Science belief system. Alas, has contemporary Science been hijacked for hegemonic gain?

a king using Science to subject the people to his will

In Rupert Sheldrake’s essay, Freeing Science from Materialism (pdf or youtube), Rupert highlights ten axiomatic pillars of Science. Of profound revelation here is that these axioms are underpinned on a belief no less than that of the supernatural or a Deity! If in fact, these axioms are the predicates of today’s Science, are we the people under subjugation of our own credulances? Again? Has Science gained orthodoxy and, can those be termed heretics (perhaps Mr Sheldrake) who question orthodox Science with true Science? Alas; whos hegemonic game benefits from such dogma?

Further to the above, direct your mind to the latest David Adembra documentary produced by the BBC titled Climate Change, The Facts. The actual Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) has made a formal complaint to the BBC about the series accusing it of gross inaccuracies (another descriptor for dogma) (source: Breitbart.com). I question, is Mr Adembra using orthodox Science to push an hegemonic agenda? Is Mr Adembra an ‘orthodox Science pontiff’? Pope?

a pope religious tiara (headpiece) and a ‘science tiara’

Even the title of the film itself reeks of pontification and decree; “Climate Change, The Facts”. May i suggest a more fitting title, “Climate Change, Commanding The Facts”.

(I am not decreeing myself that Climate Change does/does not exist, I am proving that its pontification does).

I ask you at this point to use the wonderful gift of contemplative thought and introspect on apparent truths of orthodox Scientific knowledge; with Science. Find it’s axioms, question it’s finiteness (like the wonderful mind of Rupert Sheldrake) and unchain knowledge from its orthodox captors!

God is, once again, under attack in threat of eradication, of Capital Punishment. Its not the tool of a despotic monarch this time no, it is the target of an orthodox belief cult-ure; it is an encumbrance to – humanities latest episode of – material, object(ive) and form worship.

Until we ‘understand’ truely what God ‘is’, the decree to throw the notion away is a feeble use of mind, is preposterous, a cowardice doing. While it is truely ‘unknown’, God and other unknowns are – ‘food‘ – for our minds to come too; it is the unknown, the formless, the potential for our minds to emerge into, to understand. I say, let the incredible mass mind of humanity nourish knowledge, Capital Punish dogma, and endeavour to become to the formless, the unknowns; to God.

Supplementary notes:

I am a complete advocate of true Science and its method. Science is an empirical method to validate knowledge, not ‘human hierarchical centralisational truth’, authoritarian decree; pontification…

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