Quantitative Easing is Quantitative Seizing


“when human choice controls money; human choice controls liberty”

Liberty and Money

Wake up! Quantitative Easing is above all, Quantitative Seizing; that is, the easing of dire economic circumstances with the tool of Quantitative Easing has the grand cost (the seizing) of your; yes your’s dear reader, liberty.

The core of economics, of money, of liberty lies in the idea of choice. Choice is everything and it is your choice here in question. You are free if you can make choices, act out your Will, you have liberty. You are not free if you cannot make choices, act out you Will, you do not have liberty. In human society, money is the grand object of liberty, it is humanities liberty embodiment; the more net money you have the free-er to make choices you are, that is liberty.

So how does money relate to human liberty? First and foremostly, let’s drill down to the roots of what money truly is.

What is Money?

Define Agent: One that acts or has the power or authority to act. A means by which something is done or caused.

Money represents the storage of value. It can represent subsistence value which sustains human subsistence and surplus value which can, above subsistence, supply liberty. Money is used by humans and controlled by humans and thus, by nature of its divinity, tests humanities notion of equality, justice, objectivity, rightfulness and general fairness. The question of control, therefore of money, is a paramount one.

At what level should humans control money, be an agent of and for money? The grand argument of money agency v’s no agency has existed since moneys inception. At this point in time, the agency of human liberty no longer resided within human sustenance but was transferred, stored and consecrated in an object of money. Before money, liberty was stored in the form of the possession of sustenance objects such as food, water, tools, livestock and so on…

before money – induvidual subsistance and liberty stored in objects of subsistence

Money was a pivotal transcendental moment in humanity as it quantified, qualified, granulated (fungibility) and stored the value of human products/services in super convenient transferable object. It became the ‘language’, the medium, the catalyser, the protocol between all human products/services. What a profound notion it truly is!

with money – community cooperation with subsistance and liberty stored in the sole object of money (Economy)

You can clearly see (literally and figuratively) its place in human cooperation and development. With such holy grandeur, the battle to control money is titanic, primarily as shown above, due to its relationship with and direct command over human liberties.

We have now a deep rounded understanding of what money is and how it relates to our Will, our choices, the authority over the fruits of our labour. We must now outline what liberty is.

What is Liberty?

Liberty is freedom; our freedom. the freedom to make choice and act out one’s Will. Such a difficult notion to truely grapple with as liberty is subjective. Like good and bad, with age and iteration, the notion becomes more fervent as new extreme experiences surpass what was our previous upper bound experience. One consequently knows a deeper good when one experiences a harsher bad and vice versa. The same applies with liberty, one only venerates a greater liberty when one experiences a greater lack of.

Liberty is relative

So ponder on what liberty truly is; what choice truly is. To have liberty is to be able to choose your day, your year, to choose life. Introspect here, how much of your day, your year are you choosing? Perhaps a simple thought experiment will evoke the truth,

Thought Experiment: I put $10 million dollars into your bank account right now; at what percentage would that change your week?

Truly contemplate it; at what percentage could you ascribe such a change? 20%? 50%? 75%? Well the number that you ascribe to such experiment is around-about how servitudinal, how subjugated, how much you are not choosing your life. What a relative reality check!

busy’ is another word for servitude

So we have spoken about what is money and what is liberty; two life pertinent notions that deeply affect your year, day, minute, your second. Your intuition should be poised in context and your conscious is primed for understand what determines these two titans; introducing the Primordial Agent of Money.

Primordial Agent of Money

How does human Liberty and money relate? How are they made? What drives them? How are they driven? Where are they driven from?

By Causation, we can comfortably state that the cause is money and the effect is liberty; it is not vice versa. So what causes the causer of money? What is the grand “uncaused causer” (Aristotle)? We term this the Primordial Agent of Money (PAoM), the ‘wellspring’, the top narrative, the Dominions or the narrators per se. Well, it is Quantitative Easing (QE) and those humans who choose to do it; they are the PAoM and QE is their tool! Alas, when ‘dire’ economic (money) circumstances arise, those humans with power, choose to repair the circumstance with more money; this is the Primordial Agent rearing its big bold commanding head. Instead of letting the economy or eco-monetary system trial the vulnerable, prune the weak, taper the irrational, halt the exuberance and extinct the unethical, those Primordial Agents of Money, ‘Quantitatively Ease’. To use a bushfire metaphor, the PAoM people stave off the natural eco-reform with unnatural command in the form of a ‘big dirty hold’ (QE) on the status quo; perhaps ‘con’ the economy if you will…

the hidden ‘QE hand’ of our apparent ‘free’ market

I must state a position hear that this is nothing personal to the PAoM individuals, after all, they are only human…

Furthermore, should the PAoM be human(s) per se or like an ecosystem, should the Economy per se and the mass aggregated Will of all its animates be its Agent? i.e. the true Invisible Hand (Adam Smith)?

Perhaps ponder on this. When we observe animals on an African Safari, why do we remain impartial while witnessing any event? Well, the idea of interfering with our own Will into such a complex system of animals’ Wills render us confused to the point where inaction seems most good, most truthful. We feel that if we interfere, perhaps one animal wins in that moment though the effects on the chain of ‘affected’ others could be catastrophic. This is an Ecosystem and the above is humans recognising that the happenings, the unfoldings, the events that may/will occur in an Ecosystem are better left un-willed by humans and take their ‘natural coarse’. (The ‘Circle of Life’)

Now this is not to imply that an ecosystem or economy does not need to (for example) be ethically circumscribed by government now and then; no. This does not imply that with population growth, tangible money supply must be increased to sustain value and pricing homeostasis; no. What this does imply (and fervently mean) is that when an economy (or ecosystem) is clearly and unequivocally being driven by the Will of too fewer humans, it is much to far from a free market, a true self adjusting economy, a ‘eco-librium’ and much to close to being endowed, commanded (i.e. a Command Economy). It is a dictatorship, not a fair game; a narration, not an adventure; an economy with a Primordial Agent, not a free fair marketplace affirming prudent decision making and Efficiency (by definition).

Pointedly, when we the people can clearly and unequivocally point to an absolute command element within an Economy, such as todays Quantitative Easing, we can unambiguously state that the Economy is being commanded and has a Primordial Agent, of Money and our Liberty.

If this is conclusive in our Economy with our Money, it also (as proven above) conclusive in our lives with our Liberty. As Money is the cause and Liberty is the effect, therefore, the Primordial Agents of Money explicitly present in today’s Economy, agent yes agent, our liberty through the tool of Quantitative Easing; or perhaps more suitably named Quantitative Seizing!!

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