What is Thought, Where is Mind?

Vitruvian Man – Leonardo DiVinci – Squaring the Circle

Mind resides between the Form and Formless and Thought is the animate of Form and the voyager of the Formless.

To Be or not to Be, that indeed is not the question. The question is “What is Or?” We all know what to Be is and to not Be is but how does the Or work? What is between Be and not Be, these coincidences of opposites, to which the ‘Or’ traverses? Well, this is the home of Mind, this is where Mind lives and Thought is, where Mind’s agent – Thought, animates!

ooo what a daring topic indeed; to attempt to capture truly what Thought is, what/where Mind is. It seems ‘intuitive to ‘think’ in order to capture what a Thought is, one should observe Thoughts remnants, its remains, its residue, the artefacts of Thought. Further, like all good archaeologists, we look to excavate the oldest site, the deepest crevice, the wellspring of a phenomena. Is there’s not a better place to start with the notion of the primordial singularity and it’s lineage, Duality? A grand old and deep idea, a hallowed artifact of seemingly enigmatic fantasy, the grandest of paradox to the Mind. 

To begin our quest, consider the phenomenon of a circle,

Thought begetting Thing

A circle is a Thing or some-thing, an it, or from the circles point of reference, I. The one thing or singularity often takes the names:

  • Providence
  • Maxim
  • Ain Soph
  • Kether: The Crown
  • Unmoved Mover
  • Ineffable
  • Primordial/Demiurge
  • Unconscionable
  • Infinite Nothing
  • Divine/Holy/Spirit
  • Individual – the In-Dividable-Dual
  • God/The Holy of Holies

Now at the instance one’s Thoughts birth the circle into existence, the Thought, the idea, of its opposite, it’s de-existence becomes a Thing, an it, or an I (from it’s point of reference).

Thought’s Twins – Thing & no-Thing

I give you, Duality. ” To be or not to be”, to Thing or no-Thing; that is the question and perhaps an unresolvable one. Truly ponder on what it means to be singular. God, though what is God’s God and what ‘houses’ God? The Big Bang or the Big Singularity though what houses the Big Singularity? Any-Thing, though what does the said Thing exist in? What environs Thing?

I digress, what is interesting with human existence is the term individual to which refers to a human. If we examine this word we find that it clandestinely pays homage to the grandeur of Duality. It does this by stating that a human being is an individual, a in-divide-dual, or the indivisible dual. This is perhaps an attempt at stating that the notion of our existence, to be human is to be one, that is in singular existence, absent of antithesis, perhaps not-Being or an opposite; just one be-ing (that is,one be, ing-ing over time). Ergo, we even refer to ourselves as ‘one’… this is very intriguing in this context. Perhaps our egotistical hubris, if you will, compels to be just one; perhaps this is a reflection of deep self and deep arrogance or gravity of self per se, of humanity…end digression.

Now the Thing can be an infinite type of Things and the no-Thing can also be of infinite type of Things. This is also what the circle represents; the infinite infinities. So we now have two Things in the Form of Things and no-Things.

The phenomenon of Thing is circumscribed in the phenomena of Form and the Formless is in perhaps the uncircumscribed. One could also argue that contrarily, phenomena is Formless (the antithetical Form), uncircumscribed and this could be represented by two adjacent circles without black finite borders though doesn’t seem to make workable, functional Mind sense (don’t you think haha?)

Formless uncircumcised Thing

The point here is that the moment Thought begets phenomena into existence, its opposite instantaneously emerges whether coalesced in Form or uncoalesced, no Form (Formless).

The statement:

“Things Exist in the Form of Thing and no-Thing”

is an Epistemologist’s playground, a feast for Thought. We have Thing/no-Thing, Form/no-Form or Formless which are all substantiated by Thought. Thing and no-Thing is synonymous to Form and Formless as a Thing is with Form and no-Thing (naught) is without Form. This Form/Formless contrarian motif is represented over millennia by a circle and a square where the circle is the Formless and the square is the Form. Pointedly, history shows that human Minds contemplating Thought and what ‘bes’ have come to this Mind frontier and have represented it in the square and circle motif.

Vitruvian Man – Leonardo DiVinci – Squaring the Circle

Leonardo DiVinci’s Virtuvian Man depicts (amongst many Things) the reverential idea of the circle and the square, the undulating relationship between the infinite Formless and the finite Form. The area of a circle is of infinite indefinites/un-determinants where as the area of a square is discrete or finite. The metaphor is:

“One cannot finite the infinite, resolve the infinite, discretise the infinite. One cannot find the discreet area of a circle. The area of a circle is subjective”

This relationship is represented by the infinite mathematical ratio pi or 3.14159265358979… and so on to infinity. Thatis, the notion of Pi is the ‘most’ objective way that humans can attempt descrete definition of the relationship between the finite and infinite, the object and subject. DiVinici’s Virtuvian Man is illustrated as existing in the space between the infinity and the finite, it is what bridges, interprets, construes and gives Form to the finite.

Behold! The Virtuvian Man from the side… Observe man, Mind, Thought converting/fashioning/metamorphosing the infinite potential to the finite construct, object and Form.

Virtuvian Man from the Side

Pointedly, man takes the Formless infinitely subjective and via Thought (and Mind), renders/illuminates/interprets/coalesces/circumscribes, Pi’s (ha), gives Form too or constructs/coagulates/begets/’progens’ Thing. This is the coming into existence of the discrete object.

Virtuvian Man from the Side – Formula

What is interesting in the above illustration is the role of Thought (and Mind). It is clear that Thought is the conduit, catalyser or progenitor or even father of Form if you will. It is profoundly interesting here to note that both Mind and Pi emerge Form, from Infinity.

So Thing and no-Thing take the types Form and no-Form. Analysing the diagram above, when Form flows from the infinite potential, through Mind to become Form; the moment Form/Thing is created, it’s opposite no-Form/Thing is co-created and the two exists infinitely onwards in time in a cohabitation.

The notion Coincidentia Positorum (a 15th century neoplatonic term) is used to express the coincidence (co-incidence) of opposites, the union of opposites. Coincidentia Positorum is an acknowledgement of Duality and its true paradoxical co-incidence and unresolve. 

“There is only Duality. Choosing one side of Duality is a faith; a belief; is a cling to Form, a punctuate with NullThought (reference Essay)”

A computer, with its 1’s and 0’s, perhaps its Thing or no-Thing ancestry is certainly a grand instrument of Duality. Now a computer is an extremely fast processor or a fast ungulate of Duality. So much so that it can produce graphics, music, video, games, Facebook and so on…all derived from just 1’s and 0’s, that is swaying between the maxims of Duality, extremely quickly (relative to human ‘awareness’). Fascinating! All objects or piece of object bequeathed by computer can be reductionally ‘simplified’ (genealogically) back to a 1 or a 0; a Thing or no-Thing; Duality. Let me suggest a bold hypothesis here; is this not synonymous to human knowledge and phenomena?

The Computer – A ‘fast’ undulatory of Duality

Like a computer, a compiler, is Human phenomena predicated on the binary or Duality of to Be or not to Be? The Thing or no-Thing? Can we reduce human phenomena down to its fundamental Form; Duality? ‘Noun Mitosis’ or ‘Duality Differentiation’ if you will.

Noun Mitosis

Consider Rene’ Descartes phrase “Cogito, ergo sum” or:

“ I think therefore I am”

In this context one can state that this is unsimplified and, point in fact, superfluous. The phrase requiring anything more then “I” is – respectfully – obfuscation (as above, ‘Noun obfuscation’). Dissecting the phrase,

  1. “I” – I or not I , to exist or not exist – existential epistemological binary objects – Duality
  2. “Think” – Think or not Think –  epistemological Mind construct on top of the above, existence Duality. One must exist then think, not think then exist…Further, to Think is to not not Think and is a fundamental fronterial object of Duality. 
  3. “Therefore” – the notion “Therefore” is a Mind construct to which is tyrannically taking the position of decree.
  4. “I” – …as above (i)
  5. “Am” – The notion of Am introduces I-ing or the I over time to which is superfluous above the declaration of I. Further, in its simplest Form, to Am is to not not Am – Duality
I think therefore I am – simplified

Why consider any further than I? If we are epistemological archaeologists, is not the bedrock the Duality of I? Such as numbers, the number 2345346234 is just 2345346234 of 1’s (1 is the radical, the genial denominator); the number bequeath null novelty beyond the notion of 1 and the bedrock Duality of 0 and 1.

Consider an excerpt from the Upanishad. “My child, as by knowing one lump of clay, all things made of clay are known, the difference being only in name and arising from speech, and the truth being that all are clay; as by knowing a nugget of gold, all things made of gold are known, the difference being only in name and arising from speech, and the truth being that all are gold–exactly so is that knowledge, knowing which we know all.” (Chandogya Upanishad 6:1:4-6).

Henceforth, “ I think therefore I Am” is an obfuscation above the grand Duality of I and not-I (Thing or no-Thing); such as a graphic on a computer screen! Fable, narrative and politics are mostly enchanting and entertaining verbiage personifying the wondrous egos of the artists and are simply not enlightening, more mental pacifying, occupying for the purpose of occupancy then illuminating.

Side note: The number 1 is similar in physical Form to the letter I. The number 0 looks distinctively similar to a circle (infinity)! It can also be referred to as Naught…

One could even argue the following… contemplate if you will this pictorial narrative!

What we can say at this point is that phenomena, to which can be simplified to the Duality of I/not I, Be/not Be, Thing or no-Thing is obfuscated Form, just like graphics on a computer. Further, we can state that when a phenomena is circumscribed to constitute complete Form, its antithetical not-Form is in existence and it thus-forth ‘exists’ in Duality of Form. What gives the phenomena Form is Mind, is Thought (reference Essay – Living Knowledge). Thought (from Mind) clutches phenomena from the infinite potential (left of the circle above), in Mind, to which animates Form similar to that of a computer though a computer clutches (or is fed) binary maxims (1 and 0’s) and then executes to animate Form.

We will now proceed into the region between the infinite and the finite, the Form and the Formless. This is where intuition, intent, spirit, agency, love and other hybrid Form/Formless phenomena resides. This region is where Thought animates quasi-Form, psuedo-ideas, phenomena that is poised with Form though permeable in Formless, is cocked in Form/Formless synthesis, is ‘holy’/patchy. Lets term this the ‘Forming’ region, the home of Pi and Phi.

The Forming – The region between Form and Formless

This region is where the Mind resides, where the Mind courageously casts out a lasso crammed with Thoughts into the omnipresent Formless, in hope of tethering some useful/novel Form. 

Thought ‘apprehending’ the infinite Formless

Thoughts are the agents of Form, the animates of the known and the raiders of the unknown, the pioneers beyond the Pillars of Hercules, the operants of object and the coalescers/apprehenders of the subject, the employees of Mind that, hold ideas or prosecute the infinite. The enigmatic nature of Thought manifests from it’s habitat between the Form and the Formless. Thought is thus of type semipermeable, hybrid in nature of both Form and Formless, a true Coincidentia Positorum. Thought evades a galant Mind attempt of Form yet heckless Mind with proximity, arousing intuition, evoking interest and perhaps another courageous attempt at coalescence and Form, though remains homeostatically Form/Formless.

One ponders, will we be able to lasso, ‘capture’ and discretise Thought; with Thought? Will we be able to penetrate the finite? We do know that we have found the Duality place in the ‘in-finite’ (in-side the finite; i.e. the infinite) to where Thoughts synthesis the finite (Form) and the Infinite (Formless) and father ideas, nourish them and subsist them over time. We know this place to be ‘The Formless’, the house of Pi/Phi, the ‘grey area’ between black and white, wax and wane. This is the place where Thought works, it lives; this is the place where the absence, residue and existence of Thoughts are evident ; this is the place where Thought is and Mind resides.


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