What is Existence…The Quest I (Is) On

You are I, you Exist. To exist is to think existence; fundamentally, to contemplate all things above The First Paradox I or not I, to exist or not to exist, that is; the Quest I (Is) On.

Home is where the heart is; it’s a place where we retire from our day/month/year quests, to detach from Synergistic Mindness and be with Mindness, only. 

Synergistic Mindness is a collaborative, coacting, collective mind state, one that is ready to co-operate with other minds. Synergistic Mindness has been experienced by us all and is best pronounced by the moment we transition into it. We are well familiarised with the transitional moment from Mindness to Synergistic Mindness. A quick fable if you will. 

————— Begin Fable. 

You wake up early Sunday morning and think to yourself, “i might make my favourite fresh breakfast”. Partner still cosy, fast asleep, you are yet to have a conversation with a person, only you and your peaceful morning thoughts. 

You quickly throw something on, knowingly underdressed, for a clandestine grocery shop run. You open the front door, the morning is crisp, soundless, lightly brushed with the mornings new ray. You forgo the favourite tunes in the car to sustain the mind tranquility, equipoise. The grocery store is quite, other shops are yet to open, you know exactly what you need and its location. Basket half full, one more product and its back home when bang#!@!… a work colleague,  “Hey is that you …insert name here…?”. You lift your hoodie, your Mindnessness is immediately broken and your Synergistic Mind mode crashes in. Something impels you to display elevated facial euphoria and you tone a welcome, an accessible “hi-iiiiii”. You immediately start sensing the level of conversation, connection and synergy you are performing with another mind. 

You have now entered Synergistic Mindess (with one other mind in this case) and are now thinking about whether you should be the question asker or the responder, long/short winded, tone matching, to much to little ‘yeh ok’s and all. 

The backward and forward goes on until the moment you ‘feel’ perhaps all niceties are deployed. You begin to think of ending the exchange and plan the point where you will insert the object of separation, that is, the ‘sy-like’ tone that generally starts with a drawn out ‘annyywwaayyy. The moment this que is planted, both minds become ‘separation aware’. – you both know you both know it – and prepare for decoupling.

Think of a time where you experienced premature ‘ending-que’ planting where you muster it in to a mid-sentence response only to quickly withdraw it and re-establish ‘listen compliance’.

The Synergistic Mindness eventually ends with coincide wind-up, with the colloquial “nice seeing you” or “see you later” and you break synergy and return to the solace of Mindness.

————— End Fable.

Before conversation, Mindness; during conversation Synergistic Mindness. Two very apparent states of mind that both take I on a Quest above The First Paradox; that is, take mind on a fable, a narrative of incontinents, in temptation, pointedly any-thing higher, a perplexion, a complicate, an obfuscate/entanglement above The First Paradox, that resembles dendritic form.

Adam and Eve. Eve took the fruit (the Thing in Thing/Not Thing Duality) via temptation, the root word tempt is to explore, excite and bring into tempo or dualistic equitable rhythm, that is, to temp is to bring into time.

But why does this happen? Why do we (I) do this? What/why is ‘this’ Existence? Well, to coin a spectrum; Fearism and Hedonism; these are the primary motivators. 

The mind fears contemplating The First Paradox and finds solace in any-thing but doing so; this impells it for Quest. Synergistic Mindness is a ‘near guarantee’, a safe-zone, solace, salvation from First Paradox contemplation; it keeps Mind well at distance, on a resolute Quest.

Plato said, “be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a difficult battle” and this battle is -pointedly- the contemplation of The First Paradox, and worse, being entombed in such ‘state of mind’, so close to perhaps Kether, with no escape, no chance of emergence out, into Quest. What a profound Fear! 

Did you know that it is not fear of accidentally falling off a building that one truly fears; it is fear of choice to jump! This is a good exemplification of the fear we all have of fundamental paradoxical choice, let alone The First Paradox. Newman Barnets “Oneness, I” oil painting betrays this ineffably.

Perhaps think of it like a computer; everything is built on and above The First Paradox of a 1 or a 0, to be or not to be.

There are colours, graphics, sounds, numbers (yes numbers; 47737262 is just a heap of 1’s) and all other obfuscates above the 1 and the 0 (see Article: What is Thought, Where is Mind) that the computer is ‘happy to pacify itself’ with. Although, what happens when it thinks (hypothetically of course), when it contemplates the 1 and the 0?; The First Paradox? Great Fear I suspect, and ensuing glutton for Hedonism.

Hedonism says that life is for the pursuit of pleasure and what is a greater source of net pleasure than ‘the other’; that is other things, pointedly things above The First Paradox. When we rise in the morning, the day’s destiny is to occupy the mind, to avoid contemplation of The First Paradox so we sort things. Wow, how Things are a great occupant of mind, the filler of Thoughts. 

Close your left eye. Attempt to contemplate the darkness fed to the mind by the left eye. Oh how the colours, the objects, the things of the right eye subjugate! Perhaps aptly named the ‘Tyranny of Things’ or the ‘Tenacious Fethish of Form’ (see Article: What is Thought, Where is Mind).

Another example if you will. The game of sport is an animation of duality that gives us pacification, appeasement or entertainment of Thought. We arrange a thesis and antithesis, a Thing and a not-Thing; assign them a destiny, a goal and pit them against each other over time. We enjoy the unscripted action, the novel circumstances, the nuanced moments, the adversity from the adversaries, the possible that construes from this arranged potential; that comes into effect from the collective wills impelled by both sides. Narrative, story, chronicle emerges when counterpoise is lost and an event, a moment, ‘action’ emerges, that is preponderance, or gibbous. In all it’s novelty, its unpredictability, it’s ‘pathed obfuscation’ above the paradox of duality, our Thoughts are nourished, entertained and thus pacified.

The mind is hungry for Things. How is one to contemplate beyond Things when the mind is compelled for and subsists on Things! A great respect extends to the notion of abstention, intentional self denial, the abstinence of Things, of Hedonism, to be with Mind, the no-Things and the infinite formless; to begin with the First Paradox.

Is existence therefore, fundamentally, to contemplate all things above The First Paradox I or not I, to exist or not to exist? Is existence the Quest that I is On? What we can state that this is a form of existence, perhaps an existence type which we may term “I-ism”; that is, existence residing between The First Paradox and Form, Things and Objects. Iism is the mind taking I, The First Paradox, on a Quest. We can call this a type of Existence, Iism, though indeed, not the sole one. It is an existence most minds are entombed in today, are subdued by, perhaps are subjugated to.

Enlightenment is to be made aware of, to make known; to circumscribe unknown phenomena into coalescence of known; that is nomenclature. Now known, one is aware of this Existence type I-ism, one thus has a choice to choose this type, to exist in this type. I wait, enthralled to be made aware of not-I-ism, the Quest I (isn’t) On…

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