Closer to Consciousness

Current philosophical tools fail in the pursuit to understand Consciousness. This article presents a new philosophical tool type that may take us one step closer to this understanding; the Equidox.

When reading Stanfords account of Panpsychism and its attempts to coalesce Consciousness, I felt a sense of disorientation, of disarray. The current words and philosophical types presented to give insight to Consciousness seemed fruitless; seemed evident of attempts to fit Consciousness into existing orthodox frameworks, more word commentary than enlightenment. (note: this is with great respect of coarse. We are all in this Consciousness thing together…). For example,

 “physicalist think that we can give an entirely reductive account of consciousness, and the panpsychist thinks that consciousness is fundamental, the panqualityist thinks that that the qualitative aspect of consciousness is fundamental, whilst holding a reductive view of subjectivity, i.e., the fact that those qualities are experienced”… (

The primary problem with Consciousness is that it is super-paradoxical (read on…). We are attempting to observe it with the very same Consciousness that created it, an interdependence of itself; a super paradox! The future Consciousness we plan to use to ‘Conscious’ Consciousness with, in and of itself, ‘creates’ said Consciousness novelty (new Conscious)…first. 

“The creator will always evade the created”

For example, we know to understand ladder or any phenomena is to understand its maxims and define spectorical gradations in between.

The problem in understanding Consciousness can be exemplified in a ladder attempting to understand itself. 

If the ladder is Conscious, new Consciousness flourished into existence forms its essence to which it is trying to understand and so forth and so on..

In ‘Willing’ to understand Consciousness (or Ladder), we append/change/novel/nuance said Consciousness with Consciousness to which therefore, has formless essence. 

“The creator unequivocally perpetually evades the created ad infinitum”

By evoking Consciousness, in attempt to understand Consciousness, we alter Consciousness into ad infinitum elusiveness. You see, when the created is the creator, the true paradox of Consciousness is revealed. Although seemingly, Consciousness seems more than a paradox by definition…

A prepose the type Equidox. An Equidox is a paradox where the ‘paradoxically contradictory’ terms are the same. (…or perhaps ‘Metadox’)

When we consider the following paradoxes:

“The meaning of life is to give life meaning”

We can identify that:

  1. the contradictory terms are ‘meaning’ and ‘life’. 
  2. ‘Consciously’, a circular linear rhythm of ‘Consciousness processing’ is apparent, a back-and-forth, a wax-and-wane an eb-and-flow.

In comparison, consider the following Equidox:

“Consciousness is Consciousness”

We can identify that:

  1. the contradictory terms are the same –  Consciousness and Consciousness. 
  2. ‘consciously’, no rhythm is apparent and the phenomena escalates perpetually (rapidly) into a feel of ad infinitum (or ad finitum). 

Paradoxes ‘feel’ attainable, cognisiciable, pleasant and have conscious rhythm. Equidoxes ‘feel’ unattainable, unconscionable, unpleasant and do not have a conscious rhythm, a dissidence, an unruly conscious self-proliferation; a ‘fleeting’ essence. So much so, we drop the notion from our Conscious due to perhaps exhaustion or even fear. (Cantor Sets in Mathematics are perhaps a relevant complementary read here)

The created cannot exceed the creator. If Consciousness is the creator, then the Consciousness that it creates (per se) cannot exceed Consciousness the creator.

Consciousness is an Equidox and an Equidox is of type Oneness, a Super Axiom.

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