The Unresolve of Free Will/Determinism and an introduction to Existence Dualism, Oneism, Zerism.

While reading an article on the Bereitschaftspotential, Free WIll and Determinism; one thinks…

How can Free Will – ever– be Determined? You see, Determination is the counterpart of Free Will (and vice-versa) – one is defined by the distance from the other; this can be termed Existence Dualism (see below) and is of type Antinomy.

The root of Free Will is Free; and Determined is to be, not Free. Resolving either collapses the composite union which is the whole-essence; and both and all would cease to exist. Pointedly, both terms’ existence are survived on one another’s contrarian oppositional existence (a magnet is no longer magnet if one pole ceases to exist). Both terms are defined by the distance from one another. Thus attempts to Determine Free Will is like attempts to measure a point…futile per se.

Further, Free Will is to be Free; and Determined is to be, not Free. Alas, this is Free/Not Free Duality. To thus resolve one is to not prove the other wrong but to ‘resolve’ both out of existence (Existence Zerism – see below) OR is to anoint one into Existence Oneism (see below) OR Existence Zerism (see below).

When minds are contemplating ideas, they will contemplate ideas thereof – primarily – in one of three types below.

Existence Dualism is defined by – existence that is survived (that bes) on the existence of contrarian oppositional (Dual) existence; its polar maxims are irresolvable into Existence Oneism (both Super Axioms). Zeroth resolve (Existence Zerism) can be achieved where both contrarian oppositional (Dual) counterparts cease to exist. The current viewpoint (in time) will always be some measurement from the other; lets term this the Duadist (Existence Dualism Distance)

Existence Oneism is defined by – existence preceding Existence Dualism, a Nondualist notion, void of counterpart. Often termed Oneness, One without a second, Advaita, Finite, Monism, Azygous, Aen Soph, Brahma, God…to name a few. A fleeting notion for the Mind to moment, to glimpse. Can only be thought on intermittently as temporality abuts, that is before the ‘Thought Mitosis Period’ expires and thought produces a counterpart and thus augments Existence Oneism into Existence Dualism and so on…The phenomena Infinity is of Existence Oneism essence.

Existence Zerism is defined by – preceding Existence Oneism, void of even Thought and Thought augmentation. The infinite unknown of ad-infinite fleetism and so on…

(….void/’no-Thing’/Nullment intended…)

Therefore, when attempting to resolve the Free WIll v’s Determinism argument, we now have the three above Existences to resolve it with/into. 

Existence Dualism – Free Will and Determinism will always be some Duadist from one-another.

Existence Oneiosm – Free Will and Determinism resolve into Oneism will only ever be achieved at/in some time thatis the Thought Mitosis Period. Such as the notion of Infinity.

Existence Zerism – is it possible to eradicate a known Thought into the infinite unknown?

This is not resolve per se, the argument of Free Will v’s Determinism remains unresolved though is it not perhaps one step closer to understanding?

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