The God of Godlessness

I have a problem; I cannot find a winning reason as to why God is Dead? Can someone please bestow upon me the triumphant reason? The reason that ceased the existence of God? Perhaps sensible rationale behind Godlessness?

…here are some difficulties:

To state you are Godless is in fact, proliferating God existence. You do not profess that you are Fobnit-less (a phenomenon I just-then literally birthed into existence). You do not profess that you are ‘less’ of the infinite other phenomena (…or Neomena for those certain of Realism)… as it does not exist or you (and humanity) are yet to birth it into existence; by acknowledgement (by definition).

If a tribe on a remote island’s folklore constituted the Boogieman-less, is that not acknowledgment of the existence of a Boogieman to be less of? i.e.  Boogieman proliferation! They are not less of Pinchy the Titan or PalmTreeMan or QuantamMechanicsMan; they simply do not exist, of type existence to the tribe.

“One’s prohibition of a phenomena does not cease it from type living”

Further, to state that you are less of God is to state that one unequivocally knows ‘what is You’; that is, one has resolved the divine question of ‘what is Self’. And then, one convicts to know Self and thus it’s counterpart ‘not-Self’ or commonly termed ‘Other’, and then has resolved ‘what is God’, and then decrees to be ‘less’ of God thereof. What an astounding composition of beliefs!

“Give humanity one free miracle, and humanity will explain the rest” – “a building can fly if we believe its concrete foundation can defy gravity”

Subject/Object aside, what is common in the above montage of assertions is conviction; is self-righteousness; is the cessation of thought, of thinking about, of contemplating/meditating (NullThought – see Essay) etc…

This self-righteousness is prevalent in today’s society. Prosecuting the contemporary notion of ‘Smart’-phones further unveils and exhibits prevalence of this.

Does this – current – human epoch have the right, the prerogative to claim the ‘Credo of Smart’, the ‘Title of Smart’? From – even – an evolutionary materialist argument position, by decreeing Smart now (in time), does this mean we will be no Smart-er in the future? Is this time (now) the frontier of Material Adduction? What if those who invented the Steam Engine, Typewriter, Newspaper, the Concord, labelled it ‘Smart’?… One wonders, will the next generation of phone be labeled ‘EPI-Smart’ or ‘Super Smart’ or perhaps ‘Adult Smart’ phones (because time has passed and we have retrospectively learnt that the Smart decree we were indeed surest of years ago is now, a comparative ‘childish’ one…seem familiar ‘Adults’?)

Or perhaps will we see the term Smart as outdated, antiquated, old-world and fashion in its negative or ‘less type’; perhaps Smart-less…the typical perennial cycle of ‘old fashion is the new fashion’s disdain’, its counterpart.

Labels aside, the point resides in human self-righteousness; pointedly, humans’ innate attribute of cessation of Thought (see Essay – and the epistemological concept NullThought) and self-assuring decree of ‘Now Superlative Knowing’! That is, humans think they are right, that they are all knowing now (perhaps ‘Omniscient Now’) and in doing so, cease to prosecute and temper what they ‘Know’ thereof. Apably termed, self-righteousness.

The diagram below depicts what this human attribute looks like. Self or the Known is in the middle band, the unknown/mystic/God is in the outer and inner areas. Thinking, takes one inwards (introspect) and/or outwards (extrospect). Not thinking leaves one within the confines of Self. Ego proliferates from the origin of the Self Righteous Known axioms, that is, axiomatic foundational predicates void of Thinking; beliefs (aptly termed for this article ‘Super Knowns’ or Super Axioms – Essay, represented by exclamation below).

Ergo, beliefs void of Thought are Super Knowns to which are the origin of Identity, the primordial cause of egoism where ego is the agent and Identity is the effect

Taking a closer look at Super Knowns, Ego and Identity in the diagram below and a short fable.

“In the beginning (Phase 0), there was yet-to-be a Thing-to-Know, void of Thing, preceding Word and tempo (time), where all was in ad-equipoise. Then; self (lowercase) infinitely affirmed self (lowercase) producing a finite polarised Self (uppercase)/Not Self (uppercase), that is self-righteous-ness where Self affirms Self (self-righteous) in time (the ‘ness’ and often termed ‘came to pass’); a Super Known was born (Phase 1). The agency of Ego then staved off the divine Thought (Thinking) on the Super Known and resultantly proliferated the Identity (Proknowlerate – see article). More Super Knowns came into being (Phase 2). This was perpetual, the divine primordial equipoise further adulterated and the Identity hardened, fashioned in ‘Strong Ego’ (Egoism) (Phase 3). The Strong Identity was materialised, so much so that denomination into Archetypes became; Self was imprisoned in Strong Identity and the undulating trials of its Identifiers (i.e. gratifiers / dignitifiers / delighters / inputs). Identifiers (Phase 3) are the extremities of the Strong Identity, the branches and leaves to which have potential to experience Good or Bad, to heal or harm. Self had become a Strong Identity, to which the Primordial One (the Divine Equipoise – Phase 0) speciously identified itself by/on. The Strong Identity (Phase 3) was forever entombed in the dramatic song of Good and Bad, in character of its Archetype….

Rest assured, hope of purification remained and was in the divineness of Thought (Thinking); to introspect/extrospect; to repel the clandestine agent of Ego; dissolve the bugwalls of the Super Knowns; decompose illusionary Archetypal constructs; surrender the Tree of Identity and reconcile humanity to oneness with God Consciousness”.

To prosecute beliefs (via Thought), one will transfigure/transcend, will taper all conviction and stave off Ego and its product Identity. To not think, beliefs will envelop and petrify, forming seed of origin for Ego to which perpetuates by the agent of self-righteousness and terminates in stereotypical Identify.

You see when one convicts on a belief, one truly ceases to think about said belief and its premises and it becomes a ‘fossilized known’ (to said one). Ego then emanates from the ‘fossilised known’ and becomes one’s identity. One then identifies oneself on this ‘Tree of Identity’ and experiences time and Good/Bad undulation through it. 

When a society does this, denominationalism and senseless differences ensue which is verily, certainly divisive and bad. Are we clear therefore, to decree (humbly) this process self-righteousness and state that not thinking is/leads to self-righteousness and its product, Egoism? Ultimately resulting in division and discord, to which is unequivocally stated as bad ?

The fact that a ‘Google printed’ eulogy is common is telling. It is the metric of voidness and mere ignorance of our divine nature. Can you not feel something within yourself that is more than a common type? An Archetype? Start with Thought, tell me what it is and you have resolved the divine or perhaps are in fact divine per se…can you not now feel the infinite infinities in proximity, beyond your Superlative Knowings, within premonition??

Conversely, when one thinks, one eventually and inevitably thinks to the infinite unboundness of the unknowable; the frontiers of the superlative knowable, the conscionable unconscionable, or historically humanities – statically – favoured nomenclature; ‘God’. In attempts to know (to think), one’s Ego is abated, one’s self-righteousness is forestalled by ad-unknowable into a modest humble submission and becomes righteous completely void of self, a thinker; a state of divine overwhelmness of thought potential and the truest form of good humility. One ponders, to think is good and one knows that thinking will lead to the divine Good; most popularly termed the unknowable unknown or simply ‘God’.

God is not Dead Nietzsche, God is just far forgotten in this epoch of Egoism and self-righteousness, somewhere near the antipode (the polar opposite) of Identity. This is merely an ordinary apostate moment in the human cycle of necessity.

At what point does a phenomena get so ‘de-extinguishable in being’ that we, in a feeble attempt of erasure, append a ‘hyphen less’ to it? The New God of Godlessness is alive and remains with existence…God indeed bes!

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