Existence Bes in the Triumph of not-Thinking over Thinking

If all that ‘Is’ is Proknowlerate, then what Bes (exists) as Knowledge is an assemblage of Thought and is proliferated by, is sustained by, is a concession of NullThought.

Yes, Thought is the assembler, not the proliferator and yes Thought assembles chronologically with adjacent adjoining rationale, sense and/or logic, pathologically and hierarchically grade-ualy, the chronicle of Knowledge Bes. 

Ergo, NullThought is the proliferator. That is, the Thought product remains of type existence, primarily from NullThought that is, lack of Thought. Pointedly, the Knowledge Assemblant or Thought Construct remains in chronos from NullThought if it’s Superlative Axioms/Radicals/Substantiates are not deconstructed by Thought.

Knowledge is a consequence of the triumph of NullThought over its counterpart Thought. Knowledge is a preponderance, a gibbous; in stasis, termed – a – ‘known’…

A closer look at a ‘Tree of Knowledge’:

You see, Thought is divine, ineffably returning Know unto UnKnow, Knowledge into not-Knowledge and all vice versa (of-course…); arresting all egoistic attempts for Ego Agency to exit the ‘Garden of Equipoise’ to remain in (ad) Coincidentia Oppositorum( Latin); 

(I digress) supremely defining to be humble, modest and probitus (Latin); those which are the absolute quintessence of human purpose.

(digression) ‘I am‘ in Latin translated to ‘Ego Sum’… yes indeed the Ego has a ‘Will to Sum’ via the spirit of ‘Knowns’

This occurs at a period of divine cyclicity that the Thought/NullThought continuum endeavours to consolidate, to attune; and thereupon fleetingly moments a glimpse of the path of Advaita, Unity, ‘One without a Second’, Uncaused Causer, Brahma(n), or most historically chiefly named…God. 

Is it not apparent that Existence Bes in the Triumph of NullThought over Thought? The more we-feel-we-feel a sense of Existence, the less we Think (Thought)? The more we ‘think’ Existence is Known, the higher sense of Self and Ego are apparent. The more we ‘think’ Knowledge is Known, the less humble, less modest and more pretentious we are?

The more we venerate Known veneration (‘Known Masturbation’…), the less we are excavating Unknowns. Simply stated, the less we are contemplating Knowns, the more we are NullThought-ing, we are simply not using our Divine Thoughts. Verily, can we state with utmost certainty that this not Good?

Is it not apparent that Existence Bes in the Triumph of NullThought over Thought? This is unequivocally evident when Knowns perpetually venerate Knowns; and Tree(s) of Knowledge are pandemic.

…Thoughts are holy; there use is the exhibition of human divinity…we should use them more


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