The Religion of Plato and Aristotle

This paper will expose wrong Knowledge, pointedly that Knowledge has accrued orthodoxy and is noticeably wrong. It will also present a revelation that triumphantly unites Eastern and Western philosophy; a colossal revelation indeed.

It is also a sequel to the paper The Ontology of Babel – Plato was Wrong!.

It will show that our modern Knowledge is of type orthodox, contemporary, established, traditional and thus hitherto, bears more wrong than it bears right; namely, net wrong or antagonist Knowledge. 

This paper’s purpose is not to decree what is right but an expose’ of what is irrefutably wrong in virtue of proliferating a – subsequent – better right. Of course it does not state that Knowledge per se is wrong no, but will exhibit an orthodoxical substance in ‘today’s contemporary established Knowledge’ to which absolute – good – Knowledge must be surely cleansed of.

This paper will achieve this objective by exhibiting the speciously solved mind/Mind problem. Precisely, the divine unknowable notion of mind (lowercase intended) has speciously begat a child, it has self-righteously given birth to a son, it has immaculately conceived and self-nomenclatured to fabricate the – Orthodox – Super Axiomatic Knowledge that we all definitely know we know of , termed Mind (uppercase intended). Colloquially known as  “that thing residing within the confines of our skull”.  Explicitly, Contemporary Knowledge as we know it today will be proven to be mere egoistic denominations of this ‘prodigal child of mind’, Mind.

“Every great idea starts out as blasphemy.” (Bertrand Russell)

For this quest, one must introduce to the reader The Proknowlerate Framework and it’s five new epistemological components. Introducing the Super Axiom, Outermost Knowledge, Pronkowlerate, Thought and NullThought. 

Components of The Proknowlerate Framework

Super Axiom: An origin/beginning/root/genesis/terminant/keystone/heir/chief corner stone/Criterion/absolute-steadfast-Known/ ‘original-conviction’/ Sophia (Gnostic virgin) of Knowledge. Its catalyst/spirit/agent is trust (by definition). A Super Axiom exists before Duality in oneness (void of antithesis/other), synonymous with properties of the ‘The Absolute’, or Monism, that is divinely One. Knowledge proliferates from a Super Axiom. The Super Axiom is the predication, intrinsic nature, fundamental, substance and the radical (heirloom) of the Knowledge, a Knowledge providence. A Super Axiom augments with ‘mind mode’ or mind modality of belief.

Proknowlerate: Knowledge demonited in and proliferated from a Super Axiom. Axio-proknow-centric Knowledge if you will, where the Knowledge radical is the Super Axiom (congenital) and the subsequent Knowledge is a species of Omniscience. The dispensation, the posit, the progeny, the proceeds, the produce, the posterity of and from a Super Axiomatic source. Principalities where the principle (or ‘Monarch’) is the Super Axiom. One who Proknowlerates can be termed a continuator.

Thought: Contemplate, Mind-ing, Think, Mentate. Thought is the active augmentor/agent/spiritor of Knowledge and its counterpart Not Knowledge (where Knowledge is the tenant of Not Knowledge and vice versa). Thought is the spirit (wax-er or wan-er) of Knowledge. 

NullThought: Not Thought (by the above definition). NullThought is the passive augmentor/agent/spiritor of Knowledge and its counterpart Not Knowledge by means of its ‘absence-of-Thought’ nature. NullThought is the preserver of Knowledge.

Outermost Knowledge: Knowledge that abides on and forms the ‘perimeter/boundary of’ the adjacent Knowledge/Not Knowledge. 

The Proknowlerate Framework example

“Give humanity one free miracle and we will explain the rest”

The ‘one free miracle’ is the Super Axiom. The ‘explain the rest’ is the proceeding egoistic Knowledge dendritic tributaries that emanate from the Super Axiom called Proknowlerate

Building can fly, if it’s foundations can defy gravity”

Proknowlerate (including it’s Super Axiom) is a consequence of the triumph of NullThought over Thought (see article Existence Bes in the Triumph of not-Thinking over Thinking). Outermost Knowledge serves as a contemplation destiny, a trial of sensible graduation to which exhausts most participants by virtue of its laborious Thought chronology. It’s esoteric superlative height gives it ‘Thought toil’ refuge and consequently staves off collective peer Thought (perhaps termed Thought scarcity). Outermost Knowledge can be said to be more unabated/preserved by NullThought than tempered by peer Thought; again contributing to Proknowlerates perpetualism.

This is the Proknowlerate Framework and it derives its utility in new nomenclature for Knowledge.  We now journey deeper into Knowledge and to the destination of Super Axiom. The – deeper – truer nuance and revelation lies in the strata of the Super Axiom. We use the Proknowlerate Framework to advance us into an arcane milieu where one can exercise Thought (of type unexhausted) to unveil a new new; a revelation.

The Super Axiom, Oneness and the Birth of Duality

In the beginning… of all Knowledge…, abides an axiom. An axiom so divine it is of type super, a Super Axiom. At the beginning of all Knowledge is a definitive distinct known conviction, Mind.

Mind is the solved mind/Mind problem to which begets the Mind Super Axiom. The Mind Super Axiom then gives birth to the Spectum Dualism, that for example of the Objective/Subjective, Finite/Infinite, Good/Bad, Black/White, I and not I, Thing and Not Thing and so on… and the proceeding superfluous Knowledge, Proknowlerate.

The Super Axiom is born into Existence Oneness, is the absolute conviction in and of Oneness, the androgynous unity, the one without a second .Verily, by definition, axiom per se is conviction of distinct locality on a continuum of contraries however, the superlative axiom or Super Axiom is the most absolute conviction of all, preceding locality/bifurcation/Duality and is spectum-less, continuum-less and without contrary or peharps the ‘con without trary’.

The profound revelation here is the true complete Oneness of the Super Axiom, so in-fact less of it’s polar Other (before duality), it truly fleets measurement from an-other thereof.

  • Black void of White,
  • Objective without a Subjective,
  • Finite without Infinite,
  • Form bare of Void
  • Square void of Circle,
  • Batman void of Joker,
  • Pecan Pie void of Universe (the not Pecan Pie or…Pecan Pie’s habitat or the abode of Pecan Pie)
  • I void of not I
  • Life void of Death (the Not Life…)
  • The answer, void of question

…it is indubitably absolute in spectum-naught-ness! So divinely so that one cannot possibly ponder sensibly/rationally/reasonably/logically and only with divine premonition, perhaps wondrous intuit or a daring fight agency evoked from the cerebellum (pre-cerebrum) can one catch a flash glimpse of such a lustrous notion. It is the ’leap of faith’ that takes one across the ‘air gap’ from Duality to Oneness…

Truly embu mind in this notion! The Super Axiom Mind to which underwrites the grandest of all Knowledge, we assuredly deploy day-to-day without regard; the truest of ordinance and putative, perpetuity and the apex cultural, cultured constituent. 

  • the Self and Not Self (Other), 
  • the I and not I (the world/universe),

Abolish the Mind Super Axiom and there simply is no you and I, no I and not I… if one remains dubious (hesitant, unconvinced), then explain without earnest and ternacity, truly refrain from conceit and conviction; what constitutes Mind? Where is the border, the coalescent, the circumference bounds, the borders of Mind, the deliniate of mind/Mind? Verily, this myrical border is the confines of what one decrees/incorporates/designates sovereign the ‘I’ and consequently, ‘not ‘I or ‘Other’. This is the Super Axiom Mind to which we have convicted (…or super convicted) on to proliferate almost all western Knowledge on; that is Proknowlerate…staggering indeed or perhaps ‘all to human’.

With new Knowledge tools of Super Axiom and the Proknowlerate Framework, one who thinks inevitably drops the conjecture and allows Proknowlerate to dissolve, to attune, to atone back to, or at least return closer to the divine equipoise of the convictionless and home of true-er Knowledge, to that of a more cleaner Knowledge, a Knowledge less and cleaned of Proknowlerate. And, is this Knowledge therefore more right then it is wrong?

“Coincidentia Oppositorum”

Uniting the East and the West

Without further ado, the revelation, a Super Axiom is of type Oneness!

The grandest absolute gallant revelation here is this new Knowledge unites Oneness, Advaita Vedanta or Absolute Monism to Epistemology and Philosophy; the East to the West! Pointedly, a Super Axiom is of type Oneness; the grandest of all convictions; the apex superlative of spectum-less; the Super Axiom is of type absolute divine Oneness!!

In the East, most accept that fathomable knowledge limits at:

  • Advaita Vedanta
  • Brahman
  • The Thousand Petal Lotus or
  • the absolute Oneness for example,

to which is the accepted/belief-ed (to esotericists) Outermost (or innermost) Superlative and venerated Knowledge. Pointedly, this and beyond this is far from an egoistic decreed Super Axiom. It is gracefully accepted, divinely and magnificently known to be unknowably ad-unknowable; only righteously transcended towards but indeed ineffably unobtainable. The lack of egoism, conceit and conviction-ism in the Eastern culture is prevalent in light of this recognition. At their Outermost Knowledge, their knowns are confronted by the megalyathen of the ad-unknowable to which they as a culture modestly recognise and thus consequently, deeply humbles them into divine graciousness, unpretentiousness and the humilities of humility. 

Ergo, when one embus oneself in the communities of the East, one intuites this, one feels this lack of ego and reverence for the ‘what is known to be ad-unknowable’. 

The door to unknowable / awareness / infinity / god is graciously open in the East.

In the West, Outermost Knowledge limits at what is ordinarily termed Hard Problems which logically/rationally/sensibly fleet cognitive distinction/termination at the ’science/non-science’ border named the Demarcation Problem. This property mostly due to (let’s term) ‘logic/ration/sense counterpoise’ resulting in forever un-distinction, unresolve and un-termination (namely a paradox). In the West, this absolute habitat (environment) of un-distinction and un-convictable potentials can only beguiled and spawn inhabitants (colonies) of distinction and conviction. Pointedly, the origins/axioms of Western Knowledge are known (by the escoterics) to be unknown (that is the Hard Epistemological Problems) and thus, can it therefore be irrefutably stated that the origins/axioms of established Western Knowledge are distinct convictions? That is, original axiomatic Western Knowns are the progeny of – its known (Hard Epistemological problems for e.g.) – unknowns!…and if this is truth, can it be stated further that, said axioms must be spirited by ego-ism and pretentiousness? Is that not by-all means, Super Axiomatic?

In Western culture, egoism, pretentiousness, conviction-ism overwhelmingly present, strongly and reassuringly confirming the presence of a Super Axiom! The knowns are so emphatically certainly ‘knowingly known’ in the West unlike the East, that Thought on their truth-fulness is a scoff of unnecessity (an acute case of perhaps Pretentious Unnescecarianism). And so, proliferation results spirited by NullThought, venerated by those-who-think-about-them as ‘miracles’, the hypostasis (for e.g. the Big Bang/Gravity/Evolution/Love/The Boundaries of the Universe?/The Growth Size Limits of a Cell and so on..). And consequently, extended by the masses and known as Proknowlerate! 

The door to god/awareness/infinity is closed in the Self Righteous (predominantly in the West) and the largest of all the closed doors is called Super Axiom Mind.

Knowledge is perennial. When in waning, acknowledgement of the unknown is in overthrow, Known is in triumph and spirited by Known revering Known (almost with piety) and consequently appends towers of Knowns to which mostly self-authenticate via Thought unreachability (i.e. Known Scarcity). Knowns thenceforth become further perpetual by becoming a credential and amalgamating with human identity. Knowns are identified with and have an allegiance too…so indeed perpetual and cocksure

Precisely, a solved hard mind/Mind problem is the Super Axiom of all Western Knowledge (Proknowlerate) and is an egoistic conviction of Mind, pilfered out of the mind divine potential. 

Mind therefore assumes the form Oneness, that is absolutely without other and thus void of mind/Mind spectum. Mind is Western Knowledge’s Super Axiom and is of essence Oneness! The revelation; Western and Eastern Knowledge is unified via the relation Super Axiom equals Oneness.

A Fable of Myricle – The Choice of Super Axiom

(audio for this section is from an organic ‘un-scripted’ dialogue with a colleague)

Put it this way, explain to me how black can exist without white?… you can’t…Black is a distance from white and white is a distance from black right (termed a ‘Duadist’)? Such as Idealism and Realism; Idealism can’t exist without Realism, Realism can’t exist without Idealism – classic Duality right? Which one you choose first has been in debate for the last 2500 years, you’ve got proponents of either just like a sporting team you subscribe to either, you pledge allegiance to one. Either or ither it does not matter because both are predicated on nothing, well are based on myracles, are based on a pure choice in the realms of Free Will. And, within that Free Will you have choice, it is not predicated on rationale/sense/logic/reason and so forth, its just a choice. You choose one or the other such as a Nihilistic state, to be or not to be, you choose one or you choose the other and that’s it. And consequently, the other becomes into counterexistance such as if you’re a fan of black, white does then exist but you are defined by a distance from it, from white to which defines your choice of black and that is it. 

So the Middle Way, the Golden Mean you might say well, black and white therefore exist Idealism and Realism therefore exist right. You say they exist, you progen them into existence. The Middle Way is on the spectrum, the spectra, the continuum between them. It does not say any more than both of those counter maxims exist and where you sit, where you convict between those maxims is irrelevant, right? What i am saying is, if Thought is chronological in time right, you cannot progen both Maxims into existence instantaneously right… let’s assume if, that is time exists. So you choose Black then White subsequently counter exists and you have no choice in that right? As soon as you choose Black, White has to counter exist because Black is defined by it’s distance from White and vice-versa, right?

So you choose Idealism, Realism exists; choose Realism, Idealism exists then you realise then you realise that neither are predicated on sense/rationale or logic so you therefore – prudently – habituate your position in between them right? And you say that that’s the most sensible/reasonable/logical or whatever you want to term it thing; it just ‘seems’ divinely prudent right? But I say/habituate even before that. What I say is a Miracle is the choice per-se that you have to make, in one of the Maxims in which counter-creates the antithetical other into existence; and then, undulation of duality (of Maxims) proceeds. That’s the Myrical!!

So when you stare at a tree,

Trunk exists first and then it bifurcates. You see? Trunk exists first though. Oneness exists first… Stare at a tree, follow it up from its source. It begins at One and then it bifurcates and that is Pronknowlerate. Proknowlerate is ok, so long as you acknowledge that Oneness exists first and Oneness is impossibly, infinitely impossible sensible/rationale/reason and logic yes? And remember too that the crazy thing about it is logic, logic is It or not It, a 1 or a 0; computers are fantastic processors of a lot of logic, you can do alot with logic, you can build a lot with logic. Dendritically like a tree, if you keep bifurcating you can create a lot of 1’s and 0’s which ultimately tells a story, which narrate a story, which can animate a cat on a screen and so forth. But is all is predicated on a Miracle, it all comes back to the truck, the Oneness, that initial divine leap that faith gap above and beyond duality; duality is the first bifurcation. Yes, duality exists throughout the whole dendritic form and it is the first bifurcation; that is the Black and White, the Idealism/Realism that we humanity have been stuck in, that this epoch have been stuck in for the last 2500 years right? That’s is the choice right there in Idealism or Realism and i tell you now, there is actually one before that and it is of type Oneness; that’s the Super Axiom, that’s the one that you chose first and that is predicated, is based on nothing, that’s based on Myrical! Neither sense nor reason nor logic nor rationale and that is a miracle and… that is where god resides…

“To ‘see’ logic/rationale is to see its before, its first myricle, Oneness, it’s Super Axiom yes indeed. The Greeks invented logic, yes indeed they did and it is that per se, an invention… Proknowlerate” 

Playing with the Greek Inventions, Rationale and Logic

Rationale and Logic, what galant presuppositions indeed! though verily, pride is the progeny of fall! 

Immediately our assuredness compels us to NullThought, the very idea of Rationale and Logic are so surely known to be known; invincible. We then load Rationale and Logic into the Canon of Conceit, axiom locked and loaded indeed, and ready the ego to spirit the shot of Proknowlerate. This behaviour, this all too familiar custom is – in-and-of-itself – the trail of the criminal evidence signitary to that of the Knowledge Villain, Proknowlerate.

1 + 1 = 2 you say irrefutably, certainly, definitely, doubtlessly, obviously yes?? Well i say to you yes and no. Yes post Super Axiomatic conviction and a hard no preceding it. 

A Yes because – a solved mind/Mind problem of Mind (a Super Axiom) states that absolute Objects exist, in discreetness. Therefore and for example, adding one Mind (object) and another Mind (object) makes two Minds (objects). Verily, give me one free universe and i will indeed make that Pecan Pie for you.

A No because – an unsolved mind/Mind problem of mind (a Super Axiom) states that no absolute Objects exist discreetly. For example, adding mind (subject) and another mind (subject) makes mind (subject); you see the absolute subject is spectum less, is less of its other and free from the confines of delineate. Adding the omnipresent god to the omnipresent god is and remains god, it is ad-always and divinely god. Adding infinity to infinity equals infinity, universe to universe equals universe. Adding everywhere to everywhere equals everywhere. Notably, adding a Super Axiom to a Super Axiom equals a Super Axiom; there is no plural of Super Axiom.

…simply put, independent verification requires…verified independence. One’s choice of independence is thus faith, a miracle, a decree of Super Axiom.

You see, Rationale and Logic are Proknowlerate and thus only ‘work’, or make this so-called accustomed too ‘sense’ post the conviction of Mind, the decree of mind/Mind problem solved. Rationale and Logic are a product of the Super Axiom Mind, are denominates henceforth of Mind.

“There is no independent verification of the present when the dependent is omnipresent…contemporary Science” and further, “independent verification depends on an unverified decree/declaration/nomination of independence (i.e. the Super Axiom Mind)“… (see articles Oh Wow…Atheist have a God!! & Quantum Mechanics Hard Problem – Solved! for more on the Independent/Dependent paradox).

A note on Panpsychism

Panpsychism is the breaking down of the Mind Super Axiom and the emergence of mind counter Super Axiom. A product of the conquests mind (lowercase) has had on the grand tyrannical 2500 year old Mind Super Axiom. It is the mind/Mind problem dethroning Mind from its Onenessness and restoring balance.

Conclusions and Implications

What a profound expadition the Proknowlerate Framework has taken us on. We have scaled the dendritic edifice of the 2500 year old Proknowlerate to its absolute dualistic parents Idealism (Plato) and Realism (Aristotle) to catch a glimpse beyond her frontiers; a truer, good-er knowledge cleansed of Proknowlerate.

It was also revealed that Logic and Rationale were predicated on a Super Axiom, an origin neither originated on Logic or Rationale but a – mindless – free choice that is, a Super Axiom, a miracle! Logic and Rationale are indeed a Greek invention, a Framework, a credence and Dogma. By definition, religion is a belief in another’s experience with the divine, with miracle, with Super Axiom..the Greek Religion of Logic and Rationale with Plato/Aristotle as Heirs, Pontificates, as Messiah….stupendous!!

Eastern and Western Knowledge were united with the rule Super Axiom equals Oneness. That is, the Superlative or Origin of Knowledge of both the East and the West are Super Axiomatic, are of type Oneness, are indeed miracles! … to which the East graciously acknowledge reverently and the West egoistically, ignorantly, self-righteously ignore.

The implications of these finding are indeed apochyptical. To be made aware (by every sense of the word) that your ‘all to sure, cocksure’ righteousness is in-and-of-itself irrefutable evidence of the presence of a Super Axiom is revolutionary. It is indeed one’s all-to-suredness and one’s consequential lack-of-thought (NullThought) that survives a worser Knowledge, that staves off a Thought induced better, truer, good-er Knowledge – staggering! 

When one acknowledges Logic and Rationale to be dogmatic, to be human beliefs, one wonders with oh-so keen enthusiasm; if one drops this Thought penitentiary, this 2500 year old grand Thought pacificate; what is mind capable of? What new reason/truth/good producing tool awaits human? Liberated from the Greek religion of Logic; what awaits mind? What is the new tool of revelation? One awaits oh, one awaits.

What can be stated is that the new Knowledge, the good-er/cleaner Knowledge will champion in a more humble, a more gracious and compassionate ‘essence of human’. One that venerates cooperation and condemns incorporation.

To be human is to be re-defining essense of human with mind, with Thought; that is, to transcend, to fleet essence forever on the path of righteousness, destined to ….


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