Oh wow…Atheists have a God!!

Call to all thinkers – I need help! I have discovered the God for those who are Godless and its name is…INDEPENDENCE. 

The God of the Godless is called INDEPENDENCE!

The key is hidden in the notion of Independence. Please let me explain…

Consider a country. What defines a country? Its borders. 

Ok, what defines you, yourself or “i”?? Most would say it is the brain where your mind or consciousness is. Ok, where is the border of your mind/consciousness/‘i’? Most would say the outer surface of the brain…

Well, what if I said nobody knows where the border of mind/consciousness/’i’ is and this myrical border remains undiscovered, undefined, unknown!

The mind/consciousness/‘i’ has never been defined even by the smartest of the smartest..it therefore is and remains borderless. 

You (the one you call ‘i’) has no borders; you are/remain undefined, ‘i’ is borderless and it is only your belief in the border, that – self – constitutes ‘i’; or in other words, a self constituting self…

(from the diagram above

How is ‘i’ bordered to subsequently produce a ‘not i’ that is, Other? How is there – an – ‘Other’ (Noumena)? Well, most of us assume/know/are-certain that Other is a thing Independent of ‘i’ yes yes absolutely yes. This is pointedly and specifically only the case when one believes / venerates / praises / blesses / reveres / esteems… in the doctrine / decree / axiom / deity called INDEPENDENCE. That is the crux of my question…

If this is not the case (and this author is absolutely-all-to-ready to be proven uninformed) please explain to me Independence? What are the predicates for Independence? Give me cogniscient resolve that awards me the certainty of certainties (and appoints Independence objectivity). Make me aware / enlightened / illuminated, please make me understand what Independence is? This notion is so so much overlooked that even Aristotle (Realism) was a believer in the ‘religion of INDEPENDENCE’ (article: The Religion of Plato and Aristotle)…

“dependence = dependence of belief of independence”

You see, INDEPENDENCE is a belief system, the belief in the notion of Independence (a Super Axiom by definition) and its – divine – existence. INDEPENDENCE per se is the anointed one, the chosen one to which the Godless believe in, the original germ to where all ‘INDEPENDENCE descendents’ generate from. For those who exalt INDEPENDENCE, all that is – to them – is denominated in INDEPENDENCE – hence its exaltation. INDEPENDENCE is a radical to all ‘INDEPENDENCE-ers’.

I’ll leave it at that for all of you who Think. Please please please explain?


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