Quantum Mechanics Hard Problem – Solved!


The Quantum Mechanics Hard Problem produced by the Double Slit Experiment (the Measurement Problem) has remained unsolved for ~50+ years where most – who have come to ponder on it – intuit that the solution fleets contemporary Knowledge… inlight of this article, indeed it does and has.

This article is an irrefutable (I eagerly welcome all attempts) solution to the Double Slit Experiment. It uses the framework of Proknowlerate to reveal a truth, indicated from the results of the Double Slit Experiment; in other words, it ‘makes sense of’ or ‘solves’ the Double Slit Experiment. Pertinently, it provides a resolution that one can Re-cognise (see article – Recognising Consciousness)

(Note to reader: additional audio of an organic, unedited discussion of the above. Another way of excavating this large idea. I tend to like this ‘table’ discussion/organic format so I have included both)

The Solution?

Reality is construed/grown/gene-erated from the Quantum Level (and beyond) via Knowledge building blocks called Absolute Knowns which are in fact, predicated on – the Mind Modality – belief (defined as Proknowlerate). Therefore, our all-to-familiar Reality (caps. intended) is a function of our Beliefs and the Double Slit Experiment (the Measurement Problem) is proof of this conclusion.

The following paper proves that Reality is a function of Belief and the solution/explanation to the Quantum Mechanics Double Slit experiment is… Belief is the only (exclusive) Mode of Mind and it’s produce is Reality (caps intended)!


Observation Causation

The Quantum Level is the beginnings of the ordinary/orthodox reality that we all term Reality (caps intended). This Reality’s primordial determinants reside at the Quantum Level and the Double Slit Experiment verifies this via a change in state when ‘observed’. It shows that Reality is the Independent variable and Observation is the Dependent variable; it reveals a causal relationship between Observation and our Reality; one changing the other! A staggering revelation indeed where an expose’ of its nature certainly requires a revolutionary zeitgeist supervenient level solution (with a knowledge-olclasm (iconoclasm)).

The key is in the question, what is the grand determinant that agents the change from, particle to wave and vice-versa? In this experiment, it is termed ‘Observation’. Now what constitutes Observation? Simple…it is has been declared Consciousness (inline with Von Neumann–Wigner’s interpretation of Quantum Mechanics Wave-function collapse). Now this is where this problem has been left though consider the following:

  1. Observation is Consciousness to which,
  2. accommodates Knowledge/Knowns (it is very Hard to argue that Knowledge is not the primary substrate/requisite for Consciousness / Sentiance…) which is, 
  3. Proknowlerate which is,
  4. predicated on a Super Axiom to which is,
  5. predicated on Belief (proven out in the articles on the Proknowlerate Framework – The Religion of Plato and Aristotle and The Ontology of Babel). 

Therefore by Observation we mean Consciousness and Consciousness is ultimately predicated on  – the Mind Mode of – Belief.

We Believe in (proliferate) a Reality; Reality is Believe-d in (via belief)… 

The conclusion – Beliefs change our Reality! To chronologically induce the argument up from Belief:

  1. Beliefs change our Reality and therefore, 
  2. Super Axioms change our Reality and therefore, 
  3. Proknowlerate changes our Reality and therefore, 
  4. Knowledge/Knowns change our Reality and therefore, 
  5. Consciousness changes our Reality and therefore, 
  6. Observation changes our Reality…

This is precisely what the Double Slit Experiment indicates and confirms. Pointedly that in the presence of Proknowlerate (‘pseudo-consciousness’ if you will), Reality (stemming from the Quantum Level upwards) as we ‘know’ it, is a function of our Beliefs – staggering!

Further Proof Discussion

To be Conscious is to Know, to have possession of Knowns (caps intended). What this experiment shows is that Consciousness affects reality at a Quantum level, that is, Knowns change Reality beginning at the Quantum level. It is not the outcome of the experiments or results, effects that are of interest but the change there of, in the presence of Consciousness (that is, Knowns/Proknowlerate). Causation, where Consciousness is the Dependent variable and Reality is the effect.

What’s more, one has proven that Knowns there of are proliferating from a Super Axiom, they only exist using the Mind Mode or grounds of Belief.

Can one conclude therefore, our Knowns or Consciousness, proliferated from a Super Axiom, substantiated by Belief, construct our Reality; from the Quantum World upwards and this experiment shows evidence of this? 

Further, In the Quantum world everything is infinitely possible (another name is Superposition); and it is only the presence of Consciousness (or our Knowns) that agent/spirit/augment change; construing the infinite unknown into the finite Known to what we term Reality?

(image Vitruvian Man from the article: What is Thought, Where is Mind?)

(image from the article: What is Thought, Where is Mind?)

Can we ultimately conclude from the results of the Double Slit experiment therefore, that our Reality is a Belief or a function of our Mind Mode Belief? A Reality that is gene-erated from the begetter, the primordial father Proknowlerate? A finite that is ‘changed’ or collapsed from the Infinite via the presence of Proknowlerate agented by the Mind Mode Belief? 

Do we Believe in (in every sense of the word) a Reality?

We Believe in (proliferate) a Reality; Reality is Believe-d in (via belief)… 

Why Logic, Rationality, Sense is Non-deterministic in the Quantum Realm?

In the Quantum Double Slit Experiment experiments, the Mind Modes of Logic and Rationality and the Determinism framework with a standard model of time, fail. The outcomes of these experiments make us question the validity of the experiment itself or – daringly – the Mind Modes themselves. Do they fail to be a Mind Mode and more fall under the nomenclature of Framework?  Who could possibly question Logic, Rationale, Sense and so on…? These ideas are coalesced by a hard crusted absolute Known Known, though these experiments are revealing their erroneousness and showing that they are far from an absolute mind essence (a Mind Mode) and are perhaps more aptly type-d as a Framework?? 

I feel the presence of ‘Orthodoxical Knowledge Xenophobia’ in the reader…”how dare you question these Super Knowns” you may think?

Well, as discussed and proven out in the article The Religion of Plato and Aristotle

“when a hard Known seems indubitably here to stay (when we are ‘all-to-certain’ of the absolute objectivity of a Known), Proknowlerate is in play…” 

..and yes indeed, the Frameworks of Logic and Rationale are predicated on – the Mind Mode of – Belief and these Quantum experiments are revealing/unveiling/signifying just that! The outcomes of the experiments show Rational, Logical material Determinism are all violated; even the notion of time itself fails the test. They are revealing the very existence of Proknowlerate to us; it is like – contemporary – Knowledge is having its first existential moment and shouting out to us “Zeitgeist!”! The results are proving the existence of Proknowlerate and consequently showing us that our Reality is a function of Proknowlerate; pointedly, of what we Believe in… a profound revelation indeed!


The Quantum Mechanics Double Slit experiment’s outcome changes when observation is present. We have postulated (with Von Neumann–Wigner) that observation is Consciousness. We have then shown that Consciousness includes Knowledge to which we have proven to be Proknowlerate. We then have shown that Proknowlerate is predicated on the Mind Mode of Belief. 

In summary, these experiments and there outcomes prove:

  1. the existence of Proknowlerate (in contemporary (this epochs) Knowledge)
  2. Proknowlerate produces a ‘biased’ finite Reality (caps intended) sourced from the infinite; that to which we all term with all-to-familiarity, Reality.
  3. The Frameworks of Logic and Rationale that were proven Belief systems (in the article: The Religion of Plato and Aristotle) fail to explain the outcomes of these experiments.
  4. Belief is the only (exclusive) Mode of Mind and it’s produce is Reality (caps intended)! Rationality and Logic are Frameworks.
  5. The Superlative Conclusion: Our Reality is a function of our Beliefs.

Implications and Beyond

Acknowledge all Knowledge is perimetered by/on Super Axioms to which are predicated on faith/belief and can be thus temed Proknowlerate. Surrender this centrifugal egoistic conceited convicted Proknowlerate; this ‘Know-lo-procentric Knowledge’ to which defines our differences and thus delineates us all… Remove the ‘solved’ (convictions, conceit, credulance etc..) from the solved mind/Mind problem (a Super Axiom) and acknowledge it unsolved. Then, acknowledge that there is no ‘we’ and that ‘we’ are all of one in onenessness, the infinite omni-self (that is god (or whatever other nomenclature suits))… and treat others how you would like to be treated; where others are and include you, the all omni-encompassing divine I…

We endeavour to unveil Reality, from a control that we have self-defined and pre-scribed as, “Reality”.

(…noteworthy YouTube Fred Alan Wolf PhD – “light is halfway between material/substance and the mind of god if you will“…)


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