A Recipe for Consciousness

Consciousness or Being or Existence is Knowledge confirming Knowledge; Knowledge recognising Knowledge. Conversely, we can safely postulate that a quality of Not-Consciousness/Not-Being/Not-Existence/Not-Sentience is – the ingredient of – Unknown; that to which is not one’s Knowledge. 


Consider the following thoughts:

  1. How is one to have an existential moment or alternatively put, ‘existence re-cognising existence’ moment?
  2. How is one-self to recognise one-self?
  3. To re-cognise is to be pre-cognisant of, that is to ‘to Know a Known (Knowledge)’ and the ”re” prefix is to indicate repetition or “again and again and…”.
  4. Existence/Being/Consciousness/Sentience has to be ‘some-thing Know-able’ in order to re-cognise the ‘Know-able thing’ per se.

When Scientists are choosing a Monkey to test for ‘intelligence’; they place it in front of a mirror and if it attacks the mirror; it’s existence Overstands it (‘No-cognise’ or no cognition); if it re-cognises itself, it ‘sees’ or Understands its existence and is deemed ‘Intelligent’. It’s Knowns (Knowledge) re-cognise it’s Knowns (Knowledge)…

“God created man in his own image” – Genesis 1:27

Additionally, it begs the question…To confirm Knowledge requires re-cognition (circle cognition or Recognosis…see article – Recognising Consciousness) that it is former Knowledge or afore Knowledge. Thus, what is the first Known? What is the first Knowledge ? What is the primordial genial cornerstone Knowledge…the Super Axiom?

“Knowledge can only – explicitly – recognise and mate with its own species” – somanywhys.com

Well it is safe to postulate that the first Knowledge was spirited by – Mind Mode – Belief. And, the first Knowledge is a the genesis, the Super Axiom and proceeding Knowledge, Proknowlerate.

What is Belief?

I visit you in a dream and ask – What is the world that you see? Is it not the world that you Believe in?

Well, what is Belief? Belief is to Thought a Super Axiomatic Known (to Believe in) into existence to where it is assigned the Grand Destination and then NullThoughted (see Essay – Living Knowledge and the Meaning of Life). This Super Axiom then forms the Purpose Determinant (by nature of it being THE Teleological Destination) and Knowledge proliferates (Proknowlerate) from this primordial origin (see Essay – Living Knowledge and the Meaning of Life).

You live in a world that you Believed in and in it per se, you Believe. The world that you Believe in is environed by, is an occupant of, resides in the habitat of a ‘world beyond your Beliefs’, the Unknown or Infinite-verse.

What is Thought? 

No idea…the particle of Knowledge is Thought and knowing is the ‘doing’ of Thought, but can Knowledge re-cognise quasi-Knowledge? Perhaps the moment it does, Knowledge is birthed (by definition as we can re-cognise it)? Prior to this said moment, is it thus Thought or Unknown?   


Consciousness/Being/Existence, an existential moment, is Knowledge (Proknowlerate) confirming itself, again and again and again…or, as often as it queries or Thoughts/knows (or knowings) and seldom as it NullThoughts (not knows or not knowings). 

Yes indeed we all premonis a ‘Will to Live’, a ‘Spirit to Proliferate’ and this is evident in Knowledge confirming itself…the other name for Existence/Being etc…

Shall we term Existence:

  1. Knowledge Masturbation?
  2. Auto-Knowledge? (where Auto is Latin for Self)
  3. Knowledge Self-gratification?
  4. Knowledge Reification?

Consciousness is most evidently put, ‘Knowledge per se’…

“…the Limited Universe is a Universe housed in an Un-Limited Universe (i.e. Un-Universe); Limited Knowledge is Knowledge housed in Un-Limited Knowledge (i.e. Un-Knowns)…

We are but ONE-verse (Uni-verse), with a Will to Proliferate in the Infinite-verse potential…


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