How Big is Your Ego? Measure it here…

If one Understands that one has Overstandings, one employs knowing. If one Overstands that one has Understandings, ego employs one (antithetical knowing)” –

Test your ego in 3 minutes. Answer the following questions,

Q. Where do you live?

A. On Earth.

Q. Where does the Earth live?

A. The Universe.

Q. Where does the Universe live?

This is where your Ego is put to the ultimate test..Which answer below best represents you?

Answer 1: The Universe is and only is the Universe. The Universe is an occupant of nothing, is the resident of nothing. There is no-thing outside of the (my) Universe.

Answer 2: The Uni-verse or One-verse is housed in the Infinit-verses.

Explanation to Answer 1: Your Knowledge is finite, your Knowledge is the strong of all strong, convicted/coalesced are conceited. Your Ego is so strong that your Ego’s skin construes a complete Universe within it. Your Universe is coalesced in your Egoistic Known Knowledge. The agency that holds your – exclusive and absolute by definition – Universe together is your Ego…so much so that Infinity (or the counterpart of your Universe, the ‘not-Universe’) does not even exist to you. You have a megalithic Universal size, Universe holding Ego!…that is just so ‘sure of itself’.

Explanation to Answer 2: You acknowledge the Infinite (Infinite-verse). You acknowledge that your finite Universe Knowledge is only the discrete part-icle of the ad-infinite Universe that is Unknown. You re-cognise that the Unknown is Knowledge potential and acknowledge that your Knowledge will always be finite and the Unknown will always be ad-infinite.

…for further reading on Super Axiom, Proknowlerate, Superlative (Outermost) Knowns; see article The Ontology of Babel – Plato was Wrong or The Religion of Plato and Aristotle.


Now I want you to re-read Answer 1. You will find Answer 1 and 2 are the same…Pointedly, Answer 1 actually says:

  • your “Universe is an occupant of nothing” and,
  • nothing is no-thing to which is the no-finite to which is another word for the Un-known to which is another word for the Infinite and,

…this infinity in-fact houses your finite Universe. Verily, answers 1 and 2 are point-in-fact the same!

There is no escaping Infinity, even if it is fortified and rejected by the garrisons of your Ego, even if your Ego is of ‘Universal’ size. Ego is another word for sum (Latin) or Knowledge venerating / re-cognising Knowledge; Masterbating Knowledge that is Self-Righteousness (see article: A Recipe for Consciousness).

Ego is proportional to ‘how much you ignore’ Infinity…

AND, Infinity is another word for god / Brahma / the Unknown…

Supplementary Reading – the Fable of the Chicken and Universe

Like a chicken in an egg, we are encased in the shell of our own Ego that is, a shell of our own Masturbating Knowledge (see article – A Recipe for Consciousness). In this shell, the chicken solemnly believes with conviction that the shell is it’s Universe. A chicken’s size – to which it does not will, that is fate – compels it to crack through the shell of the egg and the chicken is, by physical necessity, enlightened to some-thing beyond it’s previous convictions. (Plato’s allegory of cave)

Knowledge is – unfortunately – not like this. Firstly it is not bounded by physical laws, is not subject to physical fate and ‘its shell’ inevitably hardens/thickens. What we can safely say is that the that,

Your Knowledge’ ‘shell’ or the Ego is proportional to ‘how much you ignore’ Infinity or your Knowledge perhaps being fallible or even Unknown...” –

That is, the ‘shell’ of your Knowledge (Ego) hardens proportionally to ‘how much you reject the existence of’ your Knowledge being Unknown; your Knowledge being in-truer-fact not-Knowledge (unknown); simply put, your Knowledge being wrong…perhaps this is the truest definition of ignorance…and perhaps a fool’s errand

To conclude, Ego indicates to us the presence of a Masturbating Knowledge or general Self Righteousness. It signifies that Knowledge has a skin, a shell, and the occupying Knowledge is beginning to reject the existence of its counterpart not-Knowledge (Unknown) at a rate proportional to the thickness of it’s skin; that-is the size of the Ego.

Dan Dennet’s statement “everybody is an expert in Consciousness” speaks so eloquently the egoistic skin.

If the Universe is your definite (define-ite) Knowledge; your ‘chicken shell’, you suffer ignorance and are radiating Ego. To counter this, use the divine tool of Thought, of knowing, to crack the shell of Ego and free the conceited Knowledge into the ether of enlightenment.

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