What is Knowledge? What is Consciousness? What is Life?

From the article Recognising Consciousness, we know that Life = Existence = Consciousness = Experience are all the effects of Recognosis. 

One can only recognise the progeny of ones Super Axiom! In other words, one experiences existence by recognising the progeny, the Proknowlerate proliferated from ones Super Axiom!!!” (see article – Recognising Consciousness)

Note for this article: alternate terms for knowing are thinking, pondering, cogitation, mentation, contemplation, ‘learning’, transcendence, philosophy 

What therefore is Knowledge and Existence? What distinguishes Knowledge and Consciousness? What is the difference? If Consciousness is the produce of Recognosis (see article – Recognising Consciousness) then is Existence/Life the Knowledge effect (acknowledgement of the effect, the ‘produce‘) of Recognosis? Recognosis Recognosis-ing? Pointedly, that is the Known/Knowledge, the feeling, the knowingness of existence we term Consciousness? The effectual ‘existential’ knowing/Knowledge can be said to be from Recognosis progeny.

“Computers call it ‘Cyclic Redundancy’ and fail to transcend it; humans call it ‘alive-ness’/’life;…” – somanywhys.com

recommended knowledge prior to reading: The Religion of Plato and Aristotle, The Ontology of Babel – Plato was Wrong, Recognising Consciousness, How Big is Your Ego? Measure it here…, Quantum Mechanics Hard Problem Solved, A Recipe for Consciousness, Understanding the Overstanding, What is Thought Where is Mind, Destination Economics and the Trader Philosopher Stone.

So the effects of Recognosis is Existence is Consciousness is Life-ness. Now if Existence is a product of Recognosis and Recognosis is Knowledge recognising Knowledge, and we know Knowledge is Proknowlerate; Existence per se is predicated on Belief; Existence is a Belief! Staggering!!

The metric of the battle of form/formless, thing/no-thing, the direction an aeon is pointing is the increase/decrease, the amassment/elimination of Knowledge; and thus Consciousness and, its coequal Existence. One feels most ‘alive’, ‘larger than life’, ‘full of life’ when one has subscribed to maximum Knowledge that are producing Recognosis (see article – How Big is Your Ego? Measure it here…). Note this is not maximum Knowledge in terms of quantity or amassment, but maximum Knowledge in terms of maximum ignorance or just sheer unknowing of the antithetical ‘not-Knowledge’, Masterbating Self Venerating Knowledge if you will or maximal ‘Knowledge over not-knowledge (unknown) Triumph’. A recent exemplification of this was the (Hard Knowledge) ‘Genes’ in the failed Gnome project and the resultant revised/triumphant Knowledge EPI-Gentics or perhaps more aptly put ‘old-axiom-transcended’-Genetics… (where Big Pharma provided the Knowledge Trellis)

A tree pronounces fruit, the greatest expression of healthfulness, when it is at the superlative dendritic health. Human health is the converse of this. Humans most summed Knowledge, is humans’ most ignorance which is termed Ego. Further, humans group with other humans of similar Knowledge species (I.e. termed Specialists) to further perpetuate Knowledge; culture Knowledge” – somanywhys.com

Further, this epochs Minds continuously attempt to victor the Knowledge over the unknown (not-Knowledge), construe Knowledge matter into Hard infallible Knowledge to which are discovered to continuously give rise to more and more Unknowns (not-Knowledge); to which they term “Dark” (in the case of matter). These Dark or not-Knowledge become ‘fudge factors’ or fillers-in to satisfy mathematical harmony and the Knowledge per se (an ‘auto-Knowledge’…). Knowledge veneration at its finest, one is not surprised; anthropocentricity… Matter in this case, synonymous to Existence synonymous to Knowledge and its egoistic life-effects from Recognosis (read on…)

The Tree of Knowledge is synonymous to the Tree of Life/Existence. Indeed as the Tree of Knowledge grows, so does one’s Knowledge (colloquially termed ‘quintessential feeling’) of Life or alive-ness. The more Knowledge (and it’s counterpart ignorance) one has, the more the effects of Recognosis are present. 

to build Knowledge is the preponderance of Thesis over Antithesis. Thus Knowledge is proportional to Ignorance if all Knowledge is a belief. Simply put, Knowledge is proportional to ignoring not-Knowledge where the border of Knowledge/not-Knowledge is Super Axiomatic and is thus a belief punctuate…”  – somanywhys.com

Recognosis is when Knowledge momentarily ‘stare’ at one-another (see mirror stage) , ‘seeing eye-to-eye’. If one Understands the Knowledge, they collapse and one transcends the Knowledge per se. If the Knowledge Overstands one, the Recognosis (‘Existential’) moment passes and the Knowledge remains in existence and continues to Overstand one (see Apperception). An alternate way of viewing the Knowlwedge/Knowledge staring at one another moment is that of Paradox, a Hard Problem or an axiom. These generally form axioms to Knowledge and are thus the Recognosis life-source of ones (or mosts’) existence. Likened to that of one’s first Existential moment staring and pondering the stars is indeed similar to one ‘staring/pondering’ a Paradox or Hard Problem or axiom.

Paradox – “ the meaning of life gives life meaning…”

Amalgamating the above framework to represent one’s Knowledge and we have the Tree of Recognosis or the Tree of Life/Knowledge framework.

As one pronounces outward, up the edifice of Proknowlerate, one experiences (knows) or feels (knows) more of Life; that is one knows more and thus one’s Knowledge know/experience/feel more Recognosis (repetition intended). Where, point-in-fact one’s Knowledge is the progenitor, the providential source, the bestower, the generator of ‘life-ness’.  Another term for this self-assured-selfness is Ego or Sum (Latin); that is, the Ego effect is caused by Knowledge summing… 

Through a colloquial lens, everyone seems to know someone who is ‘high on their own supply’, prominent in volition. By high, we mean Recognosis life-force and supply, we mean – self-substantiated/righteous – Knowledge. An example is one who attributes – erroneously – their own Knowledge as a cause to the effect of happenstance monetary return. This is epidemic in cases from general gambling in a casino, to investment, economics and business. So long as the individual is returning the grand gratificate/affirment of money, one resultantly does not question ones apparent Knowledge axioms and thus is life-invigorated by ones – apparent but in fact little – Knowledge. This is the definition of a speculator.

“The size of the speculator is inversely proportional to truth of their premises” – somanywhys.com

The quintessential Existential Moment (…the quintessential of quintessential Recognosis Moment) is when one recognises One (caps intended); when self recognises Self; when one’s Super Axiom Recognises itself. This often results in either a grand explosion, near cognitional dissonance and Centrifugal Righteousness, NullThought and preservation of the Knowledge or Centripetal Righteousness, Thought and transcendence of the Knowledge (see article – Recognising Consciousness). 

We know, one feels affirmation/existence from ones amassed Knowledge and pointedly by ones axioms (that to which Overstands one). These axioms are pseudo-affirmations that one is gratified by to which one identifies with. However, the largest and grandest of all affirments is ones Super Axiom. This is one’s belief of all beliefs and it’s produce pointedly gives one the primary primordial feeling of Existence/life. Hard to counter you see; as ones Super Axiom is the primordial/divine beginning of ones essence (i.e. quintessence); it is the fountainhead Recognosis affirment that spirits ones essence. Transcend this, and one is at the fleeting moment of Oneness (see article – The Religion of Plato and Aristotle); and (in this authors belief) is on the true path of ‘what is human’ or ‘quintessence of human’, that is, to use the diviningness of Thought to – forever transcend – fleet essence on the Path Of Righteousness…

Unlike the tiger that cannot change its stripes, stripes Overstand and thus choose tiger; humans choose that to which they understand – somanywhys.com

You see, if all is Proknowlerate, ones absolute destination is to recognise Knowledge to point-in-fact knowledge (caps/no-caps intended). Knowledge can be useful, like a wrench but indeed not worthy of veneration/anointment/divinity and association or identity with (we will leave this to the beaver and dam, lion and pride). Yes Knowledge gives a sense/effect/experience/feel of life (i.e. lifeness), of existence via Recognosis and its effects though the more Knowledge we have, the more we Sum Knowledge (Ego), we can safely state that the further from a true-er Knowledge we become (and in fact, the less knowing occurs that is Thought – see Essay – Living Knowledge and the Meaning of LIfe). Amassing Knowledge indeed ‘syllogistically snowballs’ where each layer is another concentric bulwark away from truth. When we amass these ‘degrees’ of Knowledge, we build edifices of Knowledge (Proknowlerate) to which become ‘Thought scarce’ (see article – The Religion of Plato and Aristotle) where Thought Toil is required by peer minds to even Thought this ‘sequestered Knowledge’. Whatsmore and pointedly, most affirm/identify oneself with/by this Knowledge thereof, like a Beaver and its Dam, a Pig and its Mud, an Academic and its Knowledge though what better good is one to identify oneself, to re-cognise oneself with Frameworks?Tools?Proknowlerate?

Yes it is an extraordinarily hard argument to suggest that Knowledge per se is the very penitentiary bricks that subordinate one, particularly as today’s primary affirmation/identity comes with/from the grand Purpose Determinant Money (see article – Destination Economics and the Trader Philosopher Stone). Oh the challenge indeed to prove to a well fed, well housed, safe, content tiger that it lives in a zoo…a fish lives in water…

Pointedly (like the feelings or lack of, of the tiger in the zoo or the fish in water), one gets assured/affirmed/gratified when applying ones Knowledge to today’s society/cult-ure by Money…so yes, it is a hard argument, money affirmanent – in most cases – builds/crystallises edifices of Knowledge (Proknowlerate), gives one a resultant feeling of – larger than – ‘life’ or super Centrifugal Righteous building ego. One is not given the necessity to Thought/know one’s axioms (or Super Axiom) and thus remains the proverbial frog in the pot, unable to detect the growing liberty subjugation (where the heating water is amassment of Knowledge). It all boils down (with a lovely pun) to the direction one is facing. Specifically, outwards and Centrifugally, one is amassing ego, gratifying oneself with Proknowlerate (like a lion and pride) and is gaining in essence, static Knowledge and is thus not using the divine quality of mind that is Thought/knowing and in fact, trending towards essence by very definition of animal that is, one of static type and with essence.

“an animal (or human) amasses essence by that to which Overstands it” – somanywhys.com

Knowledge is power; indeed Knowledge is Life” – somanywhys.com

The truer truth lies in the opposite direction and that is inwards, not outwards, to fleet stereotype/definition/essence/‘identity with Knowledge’ to where Knowledge is Recognised as a framework, a tool and not a virtue. To sharpen, to strengthen Knowledge is virtues yes but Knowledge per se is not the apex/pinnacle/Super Axiomatic virtue; just a tool that we can choose to find and use and then place back on the shelf; to not identify with but to identify. 

Knowledge should be like a wrench, that is useful and should be placed back on a shelf; out of reach of veneration. You see, the moment Knowledge is here to stay (i.e. Knowledge anointment or what’s commonly termed a ‘fact’), a Super Axiom is ‘in-fact’ in play” – somanywhys.com

The Tree of Knowledge is indeed homogeneous to the Tree of Life. The taller the Tree of Knowledge, the Taller the Tree of Life thereof. Knowledge and Recognosis gives Life to Life. Perhaps aptly termed the Tree of Recognosis. It seems the ‘larger the life’ one has, the more mortal/corporeal/physicalist one becomes. Point inwards, apply Centripetal Righteousness or Righteousness per se and one fleets essence, association and gratification with/on Proknowlerate, the truer quintessence of human, of divine Thoughts, of knowing and return to the gates of Omniscience…

“Knowledge is dead knowing” – somanywhys.com

There is not a difference between Knowledge and Existence. These are coexistent. Knowledge is a function of Existence and Existence is a function of Knowledge. Grow in Knowledge, grow in Existence and vice-versa. Preceding both, there lies the Mind Modality Belief (see article – Quantum Mechanics hard Problem – Solved!); the primogenial spirit of the Proknowlerate species, Belief…

Knowledge is synonymous to existence. The more that we believe Knowledge is a truth or in and of type absolute, the more a Super Axiom is in place. Such as Existence or the self-proclaiming term Reality, the more we believe that something exists, believe in Knowledge the more a Super Axiom and it’s radicals are in play. Knowledge such as numbers, seemingly infallible, again Reality, seemingly infallible, such as an Apple, the moon or a car exist is ‘fact’, seemingly irrefutable. As Proknowlerate states by definition, this can only signify that a Super Axiom, and its homogenicall radicals, are in play. Pointedly, when belief gets to the (let’s term) Belief Point Horizon, its product that is Knowledge or Existence becomes seemingly infallible, invincible, of type Oneness, a Super Axiom with no counter, no antithetical other and self evidently are termed a “fact”. The term “you better believe it” seems colloquially fitting…

As discussed in the article The Ontology of Babel – Plato was Wrong!, this epoch’s ~2500 year Super Axiom is that of Realism; pointedly a solved mind/Mind Problem which has given birth to the progeny of the – what’s termed –  Independence Super Axiom and it’s radicals (see article – Oh Wow…Atheist have a God!!). We can place this Super Axiom in the Tree of Recognosis where it looks like the following:

“Let us make man in our image” – Genesis 1:26;
where ‘image’ (imago (Latin) meaning likeness) is the reflection of the Super Axiom and ‘man’, the existential feeling we have of our own existence is the Centrifugal Righteous effects from the ‘image’ or the aforementioned, the Super Axiom God. The image is Super Axioms antithetical other, the first dualistic bifurcation. The rest is Proknowlerate spirited by Centrifugal Righteousness.
For the last ~2500 years or the Super Axiom aeon of Realism thus, ‘man’/existence is/be’s the dispensation/providence of/from the Tree of Realism… coloquelay put, man feels/expereiences/affirms his man-ness/existence from the Tree of Realism where the primordial/origional ‘image’ is constituted on/by the faith/belief in Noumena/Other (a solved mind/Mind problem)…the Tree of Knowledge is and can only be the Tree of Life. Life experiences life explicitly by Knowledge, that is, the produce of Recognosis… – somanywhys.com

Thus, all proponents of the belief system (the Religion) of Realism are experiencing/feeling/knowing life primordially from the providence/dispensation of the (solved mind/Mind problem) Super Axiom Mind; that to which is their apex/divine belief; the ‘One’. This Super Axiom then generates progeny in the form of Phenomena (I/Self) and Noumena (Other/not-Self) to which bequeath bifurcation and the process goes on outwards, dendritically with the agent of Centrifugal Righteousness. When one turns ‘inwards’ and Thoughts ones axioms, Centripetal Righteousness enables transcendence to the point where one meets ones Super Axiom in Recognosis. Transcending this, one evades all ego, all essence, all mortality and one becomes perhaps the quintessence of essence-less; ‘at one’ if you will.

Consciousness and Knowledge are ineffably synonymous; are co-existent terms where it has been shown that Existence is a function of Knowledge and vice-versa; pointedly, they are one of the same. What is of profound revelation is that, in light of this unveiling, both Knowledge and Existence are predicated on the Mind Mode of Belief! When looking at the Proknowlerate Framework of Idealism (to which precedes Realism) fashions evidence of this. You see in order for the framework to Exist per se, one must choose (Believe-in) a primordial beginning point, a Super Axiom to what this author labeled an ‘Infinity Omni’ (see article – The Ontology of Babel – Plato was Wrong!) to begin the spirit of Proknowlerate and resulting produce, Idealisms Tree of Recognosis.

What we can prudently state in conclusion is that Existence is Knowledge and are both spirited by the Mind Mode of Belief. One wonders in humble holy humility, what/who/why is Belief? Should the Placebo Effect be re-termed the Belief Effect? One is virtues in remaining steadfast on the path of Righteousness…


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