Solve this problem for $1000USD

Calling on all thinkers! In virtue of truer knowledge, has placed a $1000USD bounty** on the head of the answer to the following question…deliver the correct answer and you earn $1000!

THE QUESTION: Define/prove the border that begets what is colloquially known as ‘You’ and it’s coexistent ‘Other’? The border that defines and subsequently incorporates the I/Self and not I/Not Self/Other (Noumena). Specifically, show how this border is not predicated on belief?



Question (rephrased): Provide infallible proof of Aristotle’s Realism Framework? Provide infallible proof that Realism is not predicated on belief? That Realism is not a doctrine of belief?

Hint: In the article Oh Wow…Atheist have God, this border is named “INDEPENDENCE”. In the article termed The Religion of Plato and Aristotle, this border is termed the – solved – mind/Mind Problem.



DONATIONS: want to add to the bounty in the name of truth? welcomes donations. Please email/message and we can arrange a PayPal donation and will update the total Bounty amount. (will add a donate link if we get interest here)

** reserves the right to judge answers truthfulness and not-truthfulness and thus award/not award the prize money on the criteria absolutely determined by (self-righteousness recognised here and no arrogance whatsoever intended). In alignment with the constitution of, answers will be treated with integrity, fairness and justice in the teleological interest of humanity finding better truths on the path of Omniscience. All attempts (via comments/emails) deem honourable, praiseworthy and generally a ‘sensible attempt’ will be displayed.



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