What is Reality?

Teacher: “Lets do 3 thought experiments. By the end, you will see what Reality is”

Student: “ok”

Experiment 1

Teacher: You are in a room with 10 other persons. You point to a Goat and say “that is Goat”. You then ask the other persons to verify that that is Goat. You all verify that the Goat exists.”

Teacher: “So in summary, you proposed a truth and others verified it. Does this make the sense?”

Student: “Yes”

Teacher: “Now, close your eyes, relax and do not focus on the black and redness plus the seeming electricity feel. Imagine you are in a room with 10 other persons. You point to a Goat and say “that is Goat”. You then ask the other persons to verify that that is Goat. They all verify that the Goat exists. Now open your eyes.”

Teacher: “So in summary, your imaginary self proposed the truth and the imaginary others verified it. Does this make the sense?”

Student: “Yes”

Teacher: “In both cases Real and Imaginary, do you agree that truth was proposed by yourself and verified by others?”

Student: “Yes”

Teacher: “Which truth is more of a truth? The Real truth case or the Imaginary truth case?”

Student: “The ‘Real’ one, the non-Imaginary case of coarse. The truth that was verified by Real persons, Real people, it is Real life, people were actually saying it”

Teacher: “Ok great, you have chosen the Real case. I want you to remember this experiment and remember your choice”

Teacher: “Now I would like to run a 2nd experiment and here goes”

Experiment 2

Teacher: Tell me, what makes a person Real?”

Student: “Well, I can see, touch, hear, smell and taste a person. This makes them Real”

Teacher: “Excellent. Now what makes a person Imaginary?”

Student: ” Well I guess the opposite. I can’t see them, touch them and so on..”

Teacher: “Fantastic. So correct me if my reasoning is wrong here. You are saying that something is Real if you can sense them, with one of your 5 sensors. So that would mean the Imaginary people are not Real, correct?”

Student: “Yes, that makes sense”

Teacher: “Ok brilliant, lets do a quick summary here. Truth comes from the Real world and is verified by what you can sense, by People that you can also sense, correct?”

Student: “Correct”

Teacher: “Excellent. Now remember what we have concluded from experiment 2”

Student: “Yes ok got it.”

Teacher: “Alrighty, let’s now start experiment 3”

Experiment 3

Teacher: In this experiment, we will take a further look at People and what they are. Let’s say if I were to remove your arms, are you still a person?”

Student: “Yes”

Teacher: “What about legs as well. Are you still a person?”

Student: “Yes”

Teacher: “Ok good. What if I completely removed your entire body and just left your head. Lets assume that you are still alive, you can still take etc.. Still a person?”

Student: “Well umm, I guess so”

Teacher: “Ok let’s have some fun and get creative. From your head I remove your nose. Are you still a person?”

Student: “umm yes”

Teacher: “I remove your ears. Still a person?”

Student: “Yes”

Teacher: “…ok this one is a bit ‘gory’. I remove your ears, eyes and tongue. You can still mumble through your mouth and I can understand you somewhat…Still a person?”

Student: “oooo ouch, yes I guess so. I’m still in there”

Teacher: ” So let’s say I duplicated you entire body and I took your brain from the ‘no-senses’ head above and placed it in the duplicated body. Could you ‘animate’ it to convince me that it is still you?”

Student: “well yes, that makes sense. What I feel is me is all in my brain. The rest is not really what makes me so if you placed my brain in a copy of my body, I guess that would be me…again. I am confident that I could ‘avatar’ the other body to prove to you that it is me inside…oh and another thought; when a person commits suicide with a firearm, they always shoot ‘themselves’ in the head!”

Teacher: “Ok very good. Now here is the amazing part! What if I told you that know one knows where ‘you’, a person, starts and ends. The belief is that person is in the brain, starts and ends in the brain, just like you felt it was in this experiment. Did you know that a person incorporated by the belief borders of brain has never been verified and, it is just as much a belief as a belief in unicorns! …or any belief for that matter

Student: “wait…what???”

Teacher: “Yes it’s True; well it is a safe truth stating that the belief in unicorns is the same amount of belief as the belief that person resides within the confides of brain! Yes indeed, the same belief or a very large amount of belief”

Student: “ohh…yes I guess that is the word. It is very much a safe truth.”

Teacher: “Ok that was experiment 3 and I want you to keep that in mind. Now let’s grab all the outcomes of all the experiments and piece them all together to create a splendid enlightening summary”


Teacher: “In summary

In Experiment 1 you stated that Truth comes from the real world and not the imaginary

In Experiment 2 you stated that a person is a person if you can sense them (touch, taste, smell, hear, see)

In Experiment 3 we found that a person does not reside explicitly in the brain. No one knows where a person starts and ends. “

Teacher: “Got it?”

Student: “Yes got it.

Experiment 1, Real World truths.

Experiment 2, Truth is ‘5 sense-able’.

Experiment 3, we do not know where a person starts and ends and is certainly not bordered by the brain”

Teacher: “Ok let me summarise in a nice diagram below. Makes sense?”

Student: “Yes so Person + 5 Senses give access to truth in the Real World. Yes that model is clear.”

Teacher: ” Ok, now I am going to show you the Imaginary World requisites of Truth. Makes sense?”

Student: “ah ok, so person + 5 senses give access to truth in the Imaginary World… Seems clear but its the same as the Real World??”

Student: ” Hang on, senses is not the same though? In the Imaginary world the senses are different”

Teacher: “How?”

Student: “umm”

Teacher: “… hold that thought and let’s proceed to some questions. Things will start to become clear as we move through some questions”

Question 1

Teacher: “Explain to me, what world requires more belief, Real or Imaginary?”

Student: ” Well Imaginary right? I have to believe it in in my imagination, in my mind. Thats a heap of belief”

Teacher: “Yes certainly but you also must do this no-more-or-less for the Real World as well. Let me show you and interrupt me when I stop making step-by-step reason. Lets step through the phases of both Real and Imaginary world creation and count the number of beliefs required in each world to show the winner, right?”

Student: “ok”

Teacher: ”

Step 1: For both Real and Imaginary worlds, believe in a finite mind, a limited/bordered mind that has a start and an end such as what we discussed in Experiment 3. I will even use the same diagram to step you through it

Real World beliefs = 1

Imaginary World beliefs = 1

Step 2: For both Real and Imaginary worlds, we have to believe in the 5 senses for them to exist. These sense are seperate or independent of the believed-in mind/person from step 1

Real World beliefs = 2

Imaginary World beliefs = 2

Step 3: Now, believe in a world, that is independent of the believed-in person from step 1 & is independent from the believed-in 5 senses from step 2.

Real World beliefs = 3

Imaginary World beliefs = 3

Student: “what the…. wow, both have the same amount of belief requirements and I followed you step-by-step teacher, every step was 100% reasonable…wow”

Teacher: “ok great. I now ask you the same question, explain to me, what world requires more belief, Real or Imaginary?”

Student: “oh wow….ummm…wow…. they are the same!”

Question 2

Teacher: “Yes indeed. Now tell me, when we began (in Experiment 1), can you think of why you said that truth comes from – only – the ‘Real World’?

Student: “gosh…now you have showed me this, I can’t think as to why anymore”

Teacher: “ah yes. Do you want to know why this is the case?”

Student: “oh gosh go easy on me, I’m scared now”


Teacher: “ah yes of coarse I will. It is because Reason has been made to you and you have been part of making Reason; Reason has prevailed and has undone a – now previous – belief system you have subscribed to; have believed in. Are you ready for the big kicker?”

Student: “yeh”

Teacher: “Reason is a ‘sense’. A sense to the mind that triumphs all other senses, that dominates all other senses.; the principle divine sense.

Student: “oh wow, yes it is. It seems to be a sense that is much stronger than the 5 senses”

Teacher: “yes indeed though when Reason is not worked by the mind, perhaps like a muscle, it retires, it is forgotten and the mind becomes lazy and starts to listen to ‘the 5 senses of last resort’. These 5 senses can be thought of as:

a. the senses of most attraction, most allurement

b. the senses of most charm or enchantment

c. the senses of most passion/captivation to name a few.

The saying “an idle mind is a 5 sense playground” seems fitting”

Teacher: “you see, when the mind (the unlimited, unbounded, divine one) departs from its divine primary sense of reason or knowing , it falls ‘downward’ into the reality of the 5 senses (the Sensorium Reality). What’s worse, the 5 sense reality detain the mind in a penitentiary of their own making. So-much-so, the 5 senses and their captivating draw tantalise the mind into prescribing the name Reality or the label Real to a place of their own manifestation, predicated by themselves and from themselves – self predication at its worst. Even further, truth is given the title of sense, to ‘make sense’ or if some thing is sensible it is truth. Like an emperor claiming title to that to which serves him, truth has been named in honour of the 5 senses, that-is, truth is to make sense.

Student: “oh geez…I feel like I have just been born”

Teacher: “Yes it is fascinating when you first become aware of this…We even ascribe a person the title of alive/living or dead if and only if our senses can sense their senses…or their 5 senses stimulate our senses though what if to be alive is more than what the 5 senses conclude???…scary.

Student: “yes something like the soul cannot be 5 sensed and we have pronounced it to therefore not exist. Imagine if it…oh wait you can imagine that…oh I have a feeling of cheerful confusion teacher! Please go on…”

Teacher: “Yes you will certainly feel a sense of cognitive dissidence if you will. Another example I have always pondered. What if you were born with a Virtual Reality headset on feeding you vision through the eyes, smell through the nose, sound through the ears, taste through the tongue, touch through all exteriors of the skin? Reality would be generated in this device, sensed through your senses and fed into your brain. The moment you were made aware of such device, you would want to remove it to find a truer truth right?”

Student: “oh yes definitely, right away. With such a device, you could maximally stimulate each sense making the 5 sense world even more mind alluring. Actually I just had a thought, in light of this, this reality would actually be a more preferred reality by nature of its greater alurment to the mind… Someone could actually create this mind penitentiary today! oh dear, that is a dangerous thought!”

Teacher: “Yes exactly. Well now think of the 5 senses as devices that have been connected into your mind to allure you into a lazier lessor truth reality. A reality that is so seductive to the mindthat you ascribe it – with confident conviction – the only reality of truth, the real one. Some thing is said to be real and only real if it resides in this reality and the idea of another reality is perpostuous”

Student: “wow yes I see. Like a moth to a flame, like a beaver to a dam, squirrel to a nut”

Teacher: “haha yes indeed. And note, we are not saying that the 5 Sense Reality does not fashion any truth, it is just not an exclusive source of truth. As we showed in Question 1, the ‘Real’ and ‘Imaginary’ realities both require the same amount of belief and are thus as sensible, as truthful as one another. Thus it is no-more-or-less reasonable to consider truth from both sources.


Teacher: “ok I think we are ready to answer the question, what is Reality?”

Student: “yes I’m ready”

Teacher: “ok firstly, the doctrine of Realism proclaims the 5 Sense reality is and only is reality – termed Sensism or Physicalism/Empiricism. The philosophic doctrine that sense perceptions explicitly furnish the spectrum of truth.

Teacher: ” The doctrine of Idealism says the Imaginary Reality. Idealism is actually a parent of Realism where Realism is its child. It is interesting to consider Realism as an actual sense of Idealism…

Student: “yes ok, I really get it. So then teacher, what is Reality if the doctrines of Realism and Idealism are seemingly selections of Real or Imaginary to which we know Reality is exclusively neither?”

Teacher: “Ah yes, brilliant question that I believe is ready for an answer and here goes. We cannot absolutely define what reality is however, by using our minds and the divinity of knowing, we can reason out what it isn’t. What we can reasonably state is by virtue of this, one unequivocally advances the answer.”

Student: “ah very clever teacher. Well what isn’t Reality then?”

Teacher: “aha Yes! That is indeed the question and a great one at that!”

Teacher: “Reflect on this entire discussion Student. In hindsight, how did your initial truth turn into a truer truth by the end of our discussion? How did your lesser truth turn into a greater truth? How did you learn what Reality isn’t and thus unveil a truer Reality?”

Student: “In the beginning, I had Knowledge of what I thought Reality was. We then shared a reasonable discussions, experiments and questions to where I via our shared reason followed your guidance step-by-step and you showed me a new Reality. AHHH yes, this then made my initial Reality a lesser Reality”

Teacher: “Exactly! Did you not learn of a truer Reality by knowing what Reality isn’t (your initial Reality)?

Student: “Yes!”

Teacher: “Remember Student, Knowledge is dead knowing and knowing proliferates reason to which collapses conviction on Knowledge. Knowing will therefore enable Knowledge transcendence. What is Reality? We are unequivocally safe in saying that the question “what is Reality/Life” is advanced on by knowing, reasonably unveiling Knowledge of what Reality/Life isn’t. Knowing drops our convictions or Knowledge of ‘What is Reality/Life’ and proliferates a truer truth”

Student: “ah I get it. Knowledge is conviction to which is not knowing. It was my conviction on initial Knowledge and consequential not knowing around that Knowledge that ‘blinded’ me or staved off a greater truth… so I should always be knowing, acquiring and accumulating Knowledge yes though never anointing it and believing it is absolute”

Teacher: “yes indeed. Always remaining virtues in divinely knowing. Remember, Knowledge is certainly not a bad thing, just not an exclusive explicit absolute or colloquially termed a fact. Knowledge can be useful though should be placed back on a shelf when finished with it, away from anointment knowing that it will always be transcended or upgraded to a truer truth via reason, via knowing”

Student: “oh yes, deary me… As soon as Knowledge gets ordained the title ‘fact’, all this simply means is knowing/reason as absent?”

Teacher: “My student, always remember this safe truth; Knowledge is dead knowing.

Student: “Now I see and the idea of What is Reality begs Knowledge doesn’t it, to which by the maxim is dead knowing?”

Teacher: “Indeed, to ascribe Knowledge of Reality is simply saying that we are giving up on knowing it. However, as we discussed, we can fill the cabinet of Knowledge with more and more Knowledge pieces though avoid veneration of them, knowing that when we grab them off the shelf use divine knowing on them, we will strengthen their truthfulness.

Teacher: “What one can safely say student is that Reality is, knowing”


  1. I saw your contest. It looks odd to me. Why are you looking for a border between you/I and other, when you is just another other? There is only I and other. That border between I and everyone else is created by the consciousness barrier that measures the difference between any two people, or between myself and other creatures. Your ‘belief’ framework is ill-defined. Belief follows a simple pattern from acquired belief to embedded established belief. No belief can be truth unless reality verifies it for any consciousness, Verification can be nullified by a single contradiction. I’ll expound on the subject on my blog. Sorry for the wordy response, but I feel the contest is not properly stated to allow a reasonable answer/

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Reality is not so complex, it is also not this much big for anybody to explain in such a large written pattern.Reality is some thing that when realizes gets into it and find zenith but if we try to just grasp it by studying we will go deep and find nothing.


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