Consciousness & Determinism

The Determinism/non-Determinism Framework is a potential framework for Consciousness. How does this framework fare in an Idealism argument? Does it unveil Consciousness to us? Let’s test it out…

Note for this article: alternate terms for knowing are thinking, pondering, cogitation, mentation, contemplation, learning, transcendence, philosophy

The Experiment

In Idealism, the “I” is an absolute objective idea and the Other is a person that is Independent of the “I”. Under the constitution of Idealism, let’s create an imagined world with myself manifested in this world as the “I” and an other manifested as Person that is named Ben…throw a cat in there too; every mind experiment needs a cat…

(image from the somanwhys article The Ontology of Babel, Plato was Wrong)

All ideas are manifestations within an idea world or imagined habitat, an imagined universe or uni-mind to which I have created here in my own mind. The habituents (in my habitat) are thus my creations, ‘my habituents’ and i am the omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient creator, the ‘uncaused causer’, the demiurge of all that dispensed in my imagined world.

Therefore all that bes, the beings, within my imagined world is an effect of my cause. All that bes can be thus determined by me. This world and its inhabitants – under the Determinism/non-Determinism Framework for Consciousness – are deterministic and are thus are not Conscious to me (the creator).

Also, within this world, the “I” and Ben (the Other) experience what is fate to them but progeny to me (the creator) and thus the “I” and Ben can state a non-deterministic phenomena and attribute it to and as Consciousness. Additionally, the Cat in my imagined world will also be non-deterministic to the “I” and Ben yet deterministic to myself. The “I” and Ben both ascribe Consciousness to the Cat though the Cat remains determined to me and thus not Conscious.


One can only recognise ‘Reality’ through a lens of Knowledge, dead knowing. To one, Knowledge is the explicit validator of what is and isn’t real. Therefore, one is the demiurge of one’s Knowledge, the creator, to which constitutes one’s ‘world view ’or pointedly, constitutes a world (universe) for inhabitants or ‘sub-Knowledge’ or ‘demi-Knowledge’ to inhabit.

Therefore, one can always determine one’s creations. That-is one’s Knowledge within one’s ‘Knowledge world’ will always be deterministic. One is the demiurge of one’s creations and this includes Knowledge (Proknowlerate). Further, one therefore can never have non-deterministic Knowledge within ones own – created – Knowledge world and thus one can never unequivocally determine non-determinism or Consciousness via one’s Knowledge.

The only unequivocal explicit way that one can determine Consciousness (non-determinism) is and only is, if one has absolutely determined Knowledge; that is one employs absolute dead knowing and resultantly never does knowing on one’s ‘not Knowledge’. This is willed ignorance with a megalithic agency of ego (see article – How big is your Ego? Measure it here…) so-much-so where one names one’s Knowledge “facts”. One then, through the ‘lens of fact’ can then determine/recognise ‘not-Knowledge’, to which one would profess as non-deterministic, to which one would pontificate Consciousness as…

“When facts are in play, knowing is at bay” –

To extend analysis of this paradigm, how can one’s not-knowledge or one’s non-determinable ever be decreed Consciousness? Specifically when doing this, one is decreeing that Knowledge (Consciousness in this case) is not-Knowledge (…Consciousness). One is saying Knowledge is not-Knowledge or Consciousness is Consciousness… A case of self validation/veneration, self righteousness which we know is self evidently in play when naming conventions such as “Smart” or “Artificial Intelligence” or “Epi-Consciousness” (a fraction of an unknown whole!!!) bes.

to sub a Conscious aka Subconscious before a known Conscious is as useful as denominating in infinity in Mathematics…” – 


If Knowledge is a creation (Proknowlerate) and thus has a creator; then all Knowledge is absolute and determinable by the creator. Decreeing or not decreeing Consciousness (Knowledge of) on the grounds of non-determinism (not Knowledge of) is no-more-or-less an anointed choice, a belief in and of, one of the following: 

  1. You are the creator
  2. You are not the creator

If you choose 1, you are the demiurge of your own demiurge. Note a Raccoon could choose 1…think about it (in every sense of the word ‘think’). If you choose 2, you are virtuous in becoming to the consciousness of your Creator. This is the virtue of knowing or often termed the ‘Path of Righteousness’; it is safe to state that this is the truest essence of what is human.

Knowledge anointment desecrates knowing. Knowledge is the cessation of knowing. Knowledge can be useful yes though should not be venerated. It must be placed back on the shelf when one is not ‘knowing it’, learning it, advancing it or pondering on it; ‘out of reach’ perhaps of anointment… 

Knowledge is dead knowing.

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