Are you a Platonic Form Venerator? Do you Believe in Shapes?

Did you know that a square is more a fallacy then truth?

At the end of this article, you will see how Form is no-more-or-less a belief in the idea that pigs can fly! 

Take the somanywhys Mobius Strip (wiki) test and find out. 


  1. A4 piece of paper – (any size will do, A4 is common and easy to work with)
  2. Scissors


Make a Mobius Strip.

  1. Cut a strip out of the paper. Cut where the dotted lines are below. 
  1. Let’s assume the following nomenclature with 2 edges and 2 faces.
  1. Now grab “end 2” and twist it 180 degrees and connect “end 1” to “end 2”.
  2. You should have the following shape, the Mobius Strip.

Count the number of faces and edges. Trace them with your finger and you will find 1 face and 1 edge – wow. This is the famous Mobius Strip. (wiki)

Form Veneration Expose’:

Most are fascinated by this experiment; the key expose’ here is in the question. Are you fascinated? 

If you answered yes, respectfully, you are a venerator of Form – period. You are indoctrinated by the doctrine of form and specifically in this case shapes. You believe in the doctrine of shapes.


For those who do not venerate Form, there was never 2 faces and 2 edges. There was only 1 face. There was always a 1 faced, 0 edge ‘strip’ that for example, was more a cylinder than a rectangle strip. Connecting both ends to form a tube remained 1 face… no surprise…

You see, there is no such thing as a definite form of angle, discrete absolute angle to which predicate face and edge. 

At this point, you should be more surprised at your belief in the infinite absoluteness of a right-angle to which formed the constituent of the constitution face/edge to which formed the constituents of the constitution rectangle. 


Experiments are the testing of ones knowledge. The outcomes of experiments that do not correlate to our current knowledge predicated expectations indicate to one that either our knowledge is wrong or reality is wrong.

The cylinder always had zero edges and one face, does it come as a shock that the thing that you believed in was actually not the case? It is like believing pigs fly then you don’t observe that they fly and you are shocked.

Knowledge is the ‘right-angle’ of knowing (contemplation). Knowledge is the square and knowing is the circle. The constituents of the constitution shape (including square) is angles (including right-angles). Angles are a belief constituent to which constitute shape. Premise is a belief to which constituent Knowledge to which is the cessation of knowing. (see article The Primordial Genesis of Epistemology)

This experiment has a similar feel to Quantum Mechanics Double Slit experiment (wiki), that is it seemingly makes no sense through the lens of orthodox Knowledge. What it is safe in saying from both experiments is ‘reality’ isn’t wrong, the belief based Knowledge lens that we are using to observe it afore is…

Form is a belief yes indeed. You better believe it…or continue to be shocked…

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