Are you running busy, stressed and anxious?

A runner fulfils a runners purpose via taking steps closer to the finish line. You fulfil your life‘s purpose by taking steps closer to your life’s finish line.

Like a runner, each day we are busy running towards our finish line. Why then do we feel stress and anxiety?

Well, the source of stress and anxiety is not from the busyness of our day and the effort we put into reaching our life finish line, no. Stress and anxiety comes from the finish line in-and-of-itself. 

Your life finish line that you appoint is your source of good. Your life finish line is where all of the good you will experience in your life is stored.  Each step a runner takes towards the finish line, the finish line merits the runner with good. Each step you take towards your life’s finish line, your life’s finish line merits you with good. 

Here is the kicker. Did you know that there are finish lines in life that run out of good? Most of us begin life as literal runners but most of us stop running as the good we received from being runners runs out, right?

So what happens when your life’s finish line runs out of good? This is when stress and anxiety kick in. Further, the busy-being-busy feeling associated with stress and anxiety is when we continue running towards a life finish line that has run out of good. The definition of insanity is running towards the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome…

Another name for these finish lines that run out of good, is false virtues, vices or just plain “bad life paths”. These bad life finish lines are a source of not good and are a cause of stress and anxiety. They are simply a finite limited source of good, known to result in bad, known to make one feel meaningless, purposeless and resultantly, make one suffer from stress and anxiety.

To avoid all stress and anxiety, choose a life finish line that is a source of infinite good so when you are busy running towards it, it forever awards and enriches you with goodness. 

Like a runner, your life derives its meaning, it’s purpose, from your life’s finish line.  Choose it very carefully, or it will choose you!

This is good Knowledge to Live By

Are you looking for the right finish line? Do you want to run to the ultimate life finish line? Grab a copy of my book Knowledge to Live By now.

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  1. Love it sir

    You should talk up your book in the last paragraph, instead of just a link

    “Want to learn more.. or want to find the right finish line in life etc… read my book”

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