Truth bes in the surroundings of not-truth

It is the simplest of truths, that emerge triumphant from not-truths, that are most powerful!

I will not profess to you what truth is, no. I will show you, what truth isn’t. A truer-truth will then be born from lessor-truths that I show you. 

I am not asking to trust me, I am not asking for your belief. All we need is your reason (not mine), it will be the instrument of discovery. I am asking you to join me on a quest, a simple, step-by-step journey of lesser-truth discovery, and pack only, your reason. Who are you? What is self? What is reality? What is life? These things I do not absolutely know. However, let me guide you, with your reason, to what they are not and your truer-truth will be born…it is an enlivening quest!  

I am Ryan, and I have written a book Knowledge to Live By (available here and on amazon. 

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