I fear death but, why the fear?

Today, a good friend of mine spoke of an ongoing vexation. “I am afraid of death, I fear death”, he said. The fear of death is arguably the strongest source of fear. Let’s take a ‘Friday afternoon, glass-of-wine-in-one-hand-on-back-deck’…look.

We all get to an age in life where the song of our brows mutes, nuance becomes a distance from, we all get to sure of our-self. This is when, and pointedly when, death, the death of our-self is born. Think about it: before we so assuredly mature a self to call ourself, the idea of death of self, is premature (logically, rationally and reasonably)…

It is only when ‘the self’ (ourself) is absolutely knowledge to us, that death of said self, can be. It is only an absolute certain self, that can – potentially – absolute certainly die. Self can only have a fear of death (or the cessation of self), if and only if, self is understood…to be death of!

sure of self .jpg

What is Self? Well, nobody knows. That’s right, not one self knows and has ever known—have a look! Self, you, person, I, an individual are proveably beliefs. If you, therefore, believe in a Self, death or the cessation of Self is also a belief! The associated fear, which is a product of such beliefs, is also a belief, a consequence, but a belief thereof!!!

Do you suffer from fear, a fear of death? If so, you are entombed in an absolute knowledge of Self—the provably false absolute knowledge of self that not one philosopher, intellect, sage, magi, professor has discovered, has professed, has decreed, knowledge of. This, and only this, is what death can-only-be of.

Belief in an absolute Self and its antithetical death (not Self), and the product fear…is the cost of belief in an absolute Self, your-Self!

Want to know a self free of fear? Want to free your-Self from fear? Take a look at my book Knowledge to Live By (knowledgetoliveby.online) or available on amazon.com.

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