Discourse Arena

Spirited by the maxim of “Knowledge is dead knowing”, the somanywhys discourse arenas purpose is to unveil Knowledge to knowers, to reveal the Knowledge penitentiary fellow knowers are detained in; to free knowers from the penitentiary blocks of ‘their own’ Knowledge.

In the discourse that proceeds, one is graciously looking to ‘enlighten’ or ‘be enlightened’. If all Knowledge is Proknowlerate, the goal of the somanywhys Discourse Arena is to expose Knowledge that overstands either discourse participant; and attune to divinity that is knowing.

Dr Quantum

Dr Quantum and touch on the axioms of his work.

Meta Sage


Sage and I discourse on Solipsism and the topic of seeking Knowledge and what is Knowledge.

Question mark - Free signs icons


….current candidates are Bruce Lipton Ph. D, Rupert Sheldrake, David Icke, Edward Kelly Ph. D

Ronald T West

A short but quality expose from Ronald.