Fred Alan Wolf Ph.D. aka Dr. Quantum

Ryan – 20 Jan 2020

Hi Fred,

Very much appreciate and enjoy your work. 

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Ryan Bennett (B.Eng) and I write at – I consider myself a philosophical archeologist and I would like to share my artefacts with you. I have written from my business email. 

In my latest article titled “Quantum Mechanic Hard Problem – Solved!”, I have seemingly solved the Measurement/Consciousness Problem. I know you will enjoy the – short – read. You will know doubt enjoy some of my other articles such as The Religion of Plato and Aristotle to where I prove Logic and Rationale is a Religion and Plato is the Pontificate…much much much to discuss.

Reason for reaching out to yourself? Love your work on the Mind/Matter and Shamanism though above all, admire your lack of conviction and conceit. You are indeed a true truth cleanser. 

Would love to converse with you. I believe we could excavate some truths!

Best regards, 

Ryan de Bennett

Fred – 27 Jan 2020

Thank you Ryan,

              I appreciate your praise.  If you would, can you put your inquiry in the form of a question, and I’ll see if I can find an answer.  

Best Wishes,

Fred Alan Wolf Ph.D.  aka Dr. Quantum ®

Have Brains / Will Travel

San Francisco

Ryan – 27 Jan 2020

oh my pleasure Fred. I have included a question below.

Q. Where is the definite border that delineates Mind from mind? (caps intended)…I term this the mind/Mind Problem. 


I have postulated that all Knowledge (at least the last 2500 years) is progeny from and is a product of a speciously solved mind/Mind problem. I have termed this a Super Axiom and a Super Axiom and is substantiated solely by the ‘Mind Mode’ of Belief and is of Eastern Philosophical type Oneness. 

A definition of Religion is “the belief in someone else’s experience with the divine”. If Aristotle is the founder of Realism, and Realism assumes (believes) a solved mind/Mind problem in the form of I and Other (not I/Noumenon), a Super Axiom is in play and thus Aristotle is the pontificate (or the ‘messiah’) of the religion Realism (and in-fact Logic)…I prove this out in the article The Religion of Plato and Aristotle (includes audio).

Look forward to your response Fred, 


Fred – 29 Jan 2020

 I presume by MIND vs mind you mean something like a universal field of consciousness vs a single person’s consciousness.  The border between is an illusion necessarily built into the genome of every life form. I have written about this in several books and papers.  Just look up “Fred Alan Wolf consciousness” on Google.

Best Wishes,

Fred Alan Wolf Ph.D.  aka Dr. Quantum ®

Ryan – 29 Jan 2020

Yes your interpretation is correct. The mind/MIND problem. 

The point is not what the ‘illusion’ border is or isn’t and whether it is a genome necessity (with due respect of coarse), the point is prior to that. The point is that it is a point-in-fact belief per se! This ‘illusionary border’ is a belief (what I have termed the ”Mind Mode of Belief” and belief – by attempt at definition – is tenet-less, substantiate-less, void of predicate etc) The implications of one (and an epoch) acknowledging this is for example, the belief to which one incorporates this ‘illusionary border’ in, is no more or less but indeed the same belief that one may incorporate God/Brahma/Spirits etc in!
Moreover, the border between mind/MIND is ‘instantiated’ by belief to which I have declared a type Super Axiom and all proceeding Knowledge (I have termed Proknowlerate), it’s progeny contains its genes; that is, the Super Axiom is a radical of all Knowledge that proceeds it and the megalithic Super Axiom of the last ~2500 years is MIND (the speciously solved mind/MIND problem). 
Note the aforementioned Proknowlerate framework does not postulate what a truer Knowledge is; it is simply a framework/lens to prove that Knowledge has acquired orthodoxy and thus, a ‘truer’ Knowledge indeed awaits…


Ryan – 7 Feb 2020

Hi Fred, 

Geez some great angles in your papers. The ‘thought toil’ you have placed yourself through is admirable and indeed courages. I hope you enjoy the following critique.

In the paper: Wolf, Fred. (1985). The quantum physics of consciousness: Towards a new psychology. Integrative Psychiatry. 3. 236-247. 
“What I am proposing is that consciousness itself cannot be defined in such reductionistic terms as such, but can be defined in quantum physical terms. Much the same is true in describing an electron. We only know what an electron does and not what it is. In my model, consciousness “collapses” the quantum wave function by restricting the knowledge of the location of molecules acting within a neuron’s membrane. These molecules exist in stationary energy quantum wave states without well-specified locations. Any attempt to locate, by reductionistic experimentation, the positions of the molecules within the neuron wall may disturb them enough to wipe out the effect one is looking for”

Oh I could write about this all day. Ill be as elegant as possible Fred. At this level (above), that is a Realism argument for Consciousness, I do agree that Consciousness and Quanta seem to be function of one-another however, this is post a solved mind/MIND problem (Realism),  and is thus superfluous and futile (as is Realism…obfuscate). Verily (with caution), that proceeding a solved mind/MIND problem contains the ‘Mind Mode’ radical, the gene of Belief (where the primogenial is what I have termed a Super Axiom). If we are thus using knowledge frameworks that reside in multiple stratas above this Super Axiom, axioms predicated on axioms predicates on Super Axioms, we can only expect confusion, complicate, and not divine recognition. You see, if we do not address this primordial predication, this Super Axiom (solved mind/MIND problem), all proceed hypothesis is just its progeny and may be tantalising in its ‘idea nuance’ and ‘word permutations’ though in-fact further obfuscation away from Consciousness/mind (what I have termed this produce Proknowlerate).

I’ll leave it at that.

The framework that I have developed is about as free as one can get from radicals Fred. It thus does not obfuscate Consciousness away but enables recognition and… it is beautiful…fleeting but beautiful..